The latest in health and healing, and how we can live a longer and more enlightened life. Then, an environmental study that reveals there are only two intact forests left on earth. Also, a NY bill that would effectively make you a felon if you are arrested at a protest. Information on California’s water crisis and changing our food system. And much more. 

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 Transforming our values and activism to confront humanity’s trajectory towards an uncertain and apocalyptic future  

Andrew Harvey is an internationally renowned religious scholar, writer, teacher, and author of over thirty books.  He is the founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism, an international organization dedicated to inspiring people to become more involved in challenging our global crises including climate change and to commit themselves to peace and sustainability.

Andrew was born in India, studied at Oxford University where he was a fellow at All Soul’s College, and has taught at Oxford, Cornell, the California Institute for Integral Studies and other institutions over the years.  He is perhaps best known for having explored all the different religions in depth, particularly Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sufism, and interpreting them in a passionate manner that preserves their meaning and significance for our own time.

Andrew has received many awards for his writings including the Benjamin Franklin Award. Among his many books are “The Hope: A Guide To Sacred Activism” which won the Nautilus Silver Award for Social Change. His website is

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From a biological and anthropological perspective, are we beginning to witness the waning and possible end of male superiority?

Prof. Melvin Konner is the Samuel Chandler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia.  He received his doctorate in biological anthropology from Harvard, having done field work with the Kalahari Bushmen in Africa and later received an MD from Harvard Medical School.  He is the author of 8 books and many peer-reviewed papers, his latest is a particularly controversial yet provocative and important work: “Women After All: Sex, Evolution and the End of Male Supremacy” – which questions our cultural assumptions of maleness and the superior status it has been afforded by our male-dominant society and advocates for the raising of women’s status to bring sanity to our world. His website is

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Becoming a Conscious Activist by infusing our activism with spiritual values to confront the challenges ahead  

James O’Dea is the former president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded in 1973 by astronaut Edgar Mitchell to explore the frontiers of consciousness. He was the Director of Amnesty International’s Washington office having spent much time in dangerous conflict areas where human rights abuses were perpetrated, and has represented human rights to different presidents, Congress and foreign heads of state. He has personally trained over 800 peace ambassadors in over 30 countries

James was also the former the executive Director of Seva, a medical nonprofit organization founded by the spiritual teacher Ram Das, best known for its free eye clinics and optic surgery in developing nations, and is a member of the Global Systems INtitiative, which attempts to bring a whole-systems approach to global challenges.

He has written several important books on mind-body medicine, global civilization, and most recently “The Conscious Activist: Where Activism Meets Mysticism”   His website is

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We begin with the latest on health and healing - what to do if you have prostate cancer, and what to do if you’re without purpose in life. Exercise linked to erectile function in men. Also, today is commentary day on a variety of topics, including readiness for environmental and manmade disasters, and the wasteful government bureaucracy of health care. 

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Today, the latest in health and healing, then a special commentary remembering Danny Schechter. We also cover other topics such as the government withholding documents, financial collapse leading to war, and the US prison system. Plus, a continuation of our series on fascism. And more!

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The power and control of secretive autonomous and unaccountable national security elites over the nation’s decision-making regarding war and peace, with Scott Horton.

Dr. Scott Horton is an attorney and contributing editor for Harper’s Magazine and lectures at Columbia University Law School with a focus on national security issues, armed conflict, human rights and international law. He is the recipient of the National Magazine Award and continues to practice law privately. Dr. Horton has been a lifetime human rights advocate and served legal the counsel for Andrei Sakharov, Elena Bonner and other human rights activists in the former Soviet Union. He is the former president of the International League for Human Rights and co-founder of the American University in Central Asia. He is the author of several books, his most recently published volume is “Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and America’s Stealth Warfare,” which explores in great depth how government secrecy today assures that decisions about war and peace are not part of American democracy but decided by autonomous and unaccountable national security elites. His investigative reports can be read on Harpers at

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Thinking of leaving urban or suburban America to homestead – the pros, cons and challenges of making that transition. With Ben Hewitt.

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Dana Ullman

The evidence to support the theory and treatment of homeopathic medicine, and the recent Australian review study attempting to debunk homeopathy, with Dana Ullman. 

Dana Ullman is a homeopathic practitioner who is widely recognized as one of the foremost spokespersons and advocates for homeopathic medicine in the US. He is founder of the Homeopathic Educational Services in Berkeley California and the nation’s largest publisher of homeopathic educational materials. He has authored over 10 books on homeopathy including scientific resources of peer-reviewed medical literature testing homeopathic medicines.  His most recent publication is “The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homepathy”  His ebook entitled “Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine” includes over 200 clinical scientific studies supporting the efficacy of homeopathic treatments.  Dana’s website is

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The latest on health and healing - good information on vitamin K2 for women. How curcumin has proven effective at combating cancer. Pollution levels related to artery health. And a lot more on health and healing. Also, a scientific rebuttal of a recent article on measles. Plus, USDA whistleblowers tell all. 

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