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February 16, 2018  

The relationship between school shootings, suicides and psychiatric drugs

Dr Charles Gant has practiced integrative and functional  precision medicine and functional genomics  to treat chronic medical and addiction and psychiatric disorders for over four decades.He has pioneered many of the nutritional, metabolic, neurotransmitter and hormonal balancing, and detoxification treatments for substance use and other mental disorders. Dr. Gant currently practices functional medicine and genomics and mindfulness-based psychotherapy at the National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, DC and is the Chief Science Officer at the Academy of Functional Medicine. In the past he has been a hospital medical director and a medical and psychiatric consultant for many substance abuse and mental health clinics and hospitals throughout Central New York.  Dr Gant received his medical degree from the University of Virginia Medical School, and his Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia Pacific University.  He is authored several books, including the more recent text "ADD and ADHD: Complementary and Alternative Medicine."  His website is at

February 15, 2018  

Dr. Guy McPherson is a professor emeritus of Natural Resources, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.  He has specialized in forest resources, energy decline and climate change and its economic consequences. In the past he has also taught at Texas A&M and University of California at Berkeley. Having become disillusioned with the American university environment and academia, and after attempts by university officials to silence his outspokenness about the human causes of climate change, Guy abandoned his tenured position as a full professor for ethical reasons of conscience. He is the author of several books, the latest co-written with Carolyn Baker entitled “Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind.”  He is also the co-host of the radio program Nature Bats Last heard every Tuesday evening at 3 pm Eastern time on the Progressive Commentary Hour.  His website is

February 14, 2018  

Conditions in Syrian and American and Israeli attacks on Assad's forces

Vanessa Beeley is a British investigative journalist who has focused on the conflicts in the middle east – particularly in Syria, Gaza and Yeme. She is an associate editor of 21st Century Wire and was member of a peace finding mission to Syria and organized by the US Peace Council.  Vanessa was in Aleppo during and after its liberation after the city had been captured for almost 5 years by western backed Salafist terror organizations last year. She is credited with having exposed the fraud behind the faux charitable, volunteer organization the Syrian Civil Defense or better known as the White Helmets, which was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize and was featured in the documentary that recently received an Oscar award.   She is also a contributing writer for the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, the Dissident Voice and manages the website The Wall Will Fall in London, where she blogs about her travels and reports from the Middle East.  She just recently returned to Paris from Damascus where she was doing investigative research. Her websites are   and

February 13, 2018  

Today is February 13th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment

February 12, 2018  
Making sense of the recent developments and renewed aggression in the Middle East
Prof. Juan Cole  is the Richard Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan where he has taught since 1984. Within the progressive political and religious community he is regarded as one of our leading public intellectuals and historians on Middle East and South Asian affairs. He has degrees from the American University in Cairo Egypt, a doctorate from UCLA in Islamic studies and is a former editor of the International Journal of Middle East Studies and member of the editorial board of the Journal of Iranian Studies. He frequently writes for TomDispatch, Tikkun, Truthdig and other publications.  Prof. Cole has written over 10 books dealing with Islam and western colonialism in the Middle East, and numerous academic and popular articles.  His most recent book is “The New Arabs: How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Middle East” which provides the history of how today’s youth in the Middle East are now challenging the authoritarianism and corruption of the older regimes.  He also runs the blog Informed Comment at
February 9, 2018  

US's recent attack on Assad's forces 

Prof.  Stephen Zunes (Zoo-ness) is a Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of San Francisco, where he chairs the program in Middle Eastern Studies. He is recognized as one the country’s leading scholars of U.S. Middle East policy and of strategic nonviolent action, Professor Zunes received his PhD. from Cornell University and previously served on the faculty of Ithaca College, the University of Puget Sound, and Whitman College. He serves as a senior policy analyst for the Foreign Policy in Focus project of the Institute for Policy Studies, an associate editor of Peace Review, a contributing editor of Tikkun, and chair of the academic advisory committee for the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.   Among his publications, the most recent is “Western Sahara: War, Nationalism and Conflict Irresolution”  and earlier “Tinderbox: US Foreign Policy and the Roots of Terrorism” co-written with Richard Falk.  His website is which has over 400 of his articles.

February 8, 2018  

The epidemic of childhood illnesses due to our agrichemical food industry

 Dr. Michelle Perro is a veteran pediatrician having been in practice for over 35 years in acute and integrative medicine.  During the past decade, her clinical practice has dealt more with pesticide and food health advocacy.  Recently she has become an important voice warning the public about GMO foods and food toxins, pesticides and their health risks.  Michelle has been both a director and physician at New York's Metropolitan Hospital and University of California San Franciso's Childrens Hopsital in Oakland. She ran Down to Earth Pediatrics, a holistic urgent care clinic for children and more recently is an integrative physician at the Institute for Health and Healing at Sutter Pacific Medical Center in Sacramento.  She is the author of a new and important book, co-written with Dr. Vincanne Adams, a professor of medical anthropology at the University of California at San Francisco entitled "What's Making Our Children Sick" which explores the links between GM foods, glyphosate or Roundup, and gut disorders with the serious epidemic of chronic illnesses.  Her website and more information can be found at

February 7, 2018  

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. In the second half of the program you will hear testimonials from people who have really wanted to changed their life and did by seeking the help they needed from Gary Null.

February 6, 2018  


Democratic Liberals and the memo


Danny Sheehan is one of our nation’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers.  During the past 45 years he has handled such public interest cases as the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate Break In, Iran Contra and the Silkwood murder case.  He has represented victims of he Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and fought against the American Nazi Party on hate crimes. Danny is currently a leading attorney on behalf of the Native nations at Standing Rock against the North Dakota state government and the private corporations building the pipeline. He is the founder of the Christic Institute and the Romero Institute, the latter being a nonprofit public policy center in Santa Cruz California. Danny has his law degree from Harvard University and later returned to study at the Harvard Divinity School.. He is the author of “The People’s Advocate: The Life and Legal History of America’s Most Fearless Public Defence Lawyer,”   And his websites are   AND

February 5, 2018  

The liberal Democratic establishment and the memo

Ray McGovern served as an Army intelligence officer and a CIA analyst for 27 years under 7 presidential administrations, from John F. Kennedy to George H. W. Bush. Among his duties was preparing the President’s Daily Brief, which was a one-on-one to President Ronald Reagan’s most senior national security advisers.  He was responsible for the analysis of Soviet intelligence regarding Vietnam and served as the Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Western Europe. Since retiring, Ray has been a vocal peace activist and journalist and helped create Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) to expose the way intelligence was falsified to “justify” war on Iraq and the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence. He also works with Tell the Word, an ecumenical Catholic publishing house.   Ray’s opinion pieces appear in many leading news sources here and abroad.  He holds degrees in theology and philosophy from Fordham University, an MA in Russian History, is a graduate from Harvard Business School and has a certificate in theology from Georgetown University.   His website is  and more of his writings can be found on


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