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July 1, 2014  

The heretical origins of the American Republic and its challenge to the ideology of a Christian-based nation

Dr. Matthew Stewart is an American philosopher, who characterizes himself as a “philosopher of the people” – attempting to rescue the discipline of philosophic and rational inquiry from the glass city of the academies.  Matthew graduated from Princeton University in political philosophy and later received his doctorate at Oxford University through Princeton’s Sach’s scholarship.  After a brief career in consulting and multinational banking, he went on to publish a series of philosophical and historical books and thrillers.   His most recent book – “Nature’s God: The Heretical Origins of the American Republic” -- is perhaps the most thorough researched publication to date about the rational founding of the American Republic tracing its philosophical origins to the ideas of the ancient Greeks and Romans and the Enlightenment contrary to the belief that the US was founded upon Christian theology.  His website is

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