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May 30, 2014  


Bringing higher moral and spiritual ethics back into politics

Marianne Williamson has been a prestigious international spiritual teacher and author for over thirty years.  She is currently running for Congress, representing the Santa Monica California 33rd Congressional District as an Independent.  Her campaign has been endorsed by Congressmen Alan Grayson and Keith Ellison, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Van Jones and other progressive leaders.

As a grassroots, progressive social activist, she founded the Project Angel Food in 1990, a meal on wheels program in Los Angeles and is co-founder of The Peace Alliance, dedicated to the establishment of a US Department of Peace, which Dennis Kucinich promoted. Marianne serves on the Board of Directors of RESULTS, a nonprofit international organization working on relieving the worst ravages of hunger and poverty in the world.

She is the author of six New York Times Best Sellers, including “Healing the Soul of America”, written in 1997, which calls for a holistic perspective of our political system.  Her website is

May 29, 2014  

A new empowerment hour, as Gary shares the latest in health and healing, plus commentaries on the most important environmental and social issues of today. 

May 28, 2014  

Review of the upcoming Bilderberg agenda and putting into context of current events and policies, with Daniel Estulin.

May 27, 2014  

The student loan debacle… is it the next bubble on the horizon?

Prof. Joel Best is a professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware, where his research has focused on deviance and social problems in American society  He is the former president of the Society for the Study of Social Problems and the former editor of  the journal Social Problems. He has written many books dealing with violence, the problems and lies of statistics, cultural fads and the future of American education. Prof. Best received his Masters and doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley.

His most recent book co-written with his son Eric, a former banker and now assistant professor at Jacksonville State University is “The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion Dollar Problem.”  The website is  and

May 27, 2014  
May 23, 2014  

As always, Gary shares the latest in health and healing, plus environmental updates and commentaries. Plus, Relevant updates on 911.. and the opening of the 911 Memorial Museum -- What the Museum will intentionally exclude to keep with the Official 911 Commission Report with Richard Gage. 

May 22, 2014  

Recent research in vaccine-induced overload – what it means and what is not be addressed in the vaccine safety-efficacy debate.

Dr. Bart Classen is medical physician and a professional immunologist and a leading researcher into adverse effects from vaccination. He is perhaps best known for his work on the relationship of vaccines, particularly the Hib vaccine, and the rising rates of adult type 1 diabetes among children. He is currently the President and founder of Classen Immunotherapies, the Chief Science Officer of Summer Street Research Partners in Maryland and earlier for the NIH’s department of Immunology. For 15 years he served as a consultant and analyst for the biopharmaceutical industry and has founded a small biotech company focused on vaccine and pharmaceutical safety.

Bart holds an MD from the University of Maryland and received an MBA from Columbia University. His writings and research can be found on

May 21, 2014  

Join Gary for a refreshing update on wellness, health, and healing, for the most cutting edge environmental news, and for incisive political and social commentary. 

May 20, 2014  

The rise of the illegal Corporate Security State and the threats it imposes on democracy and civil rights.

Beatrice Edwards is the Executive Director and International Program Director for the Government Accountability Project in Washington DC, which works with whistleblowers from government, private corporations and international financial institutions on issues of corruption and accountability. Her organization currently represents Edward Snowden and four other NSA whistleblowers.  In the past she has been a columnist for the Texas Observer and is has received a Project Censored Award.

Bee has an MA from the University of Texas and received her doctorate from American University. She has lectured worldwide and was a major organizer for establishing an international network of whistleblower protection organizations.  In addition to her blogs on the GAP website and Huffington Post, she is the author of “The Rise of the American Corporate Security State: Six Reasons to be Afraid”.  Her website is

May 19, 2014  

Join Gary today for a fresh empowering hour, packed with the latest in health and healing to help you live a longer live, plus environmental news and political and social commentaries. 

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