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The Gary Null Show - 12.31.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.31.20

December 31, 2020

Public Service -- update on Covid actions in New York

Michael Kane has worked as a New York City public school teacher for the past 13 years and is a steering committee member for New York Teachers for Choice, a grassroots organization that is 100 percent opposed to forced vaccination of teachers. During his teaching years, he is an active union member for the United Federation of Teachers as a former union delegate working on committees to improve public school conditions, lobby Albany and efforts to erase the Janus Supreme Court decision that threatened to break unions apart.  Michael also works closely with Bobby Kennedy's Childrens Health Defense and John Gilmore's Autism Action Network. His website is

The Gary Null Show - End of Year Trends Review — A Look at 2021 w/ Gerald Celente

The Gary Null Show - End of Year Trends Review — A Look at 2021 w/ Gerald Celente

December 30, 2020

Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy and identifying the developments of change occurring in our world. He founded the Trends Research Institute in Kingston NY and is the publisher of the Trends Journal that has been in publication since 1980. Gerald has since become one of the nation’s most sought after diagnosticians and forecasters.   He is also the host of the weekly show "Trends This Week," heard every Wednesday at 11 am Eastern Time on the Progressive Radio Network. More information can be found on the Institute's website

The Gary Null Show -  12.25.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.25.20

December 29, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. 

The Gary Null Show - 12.29.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.29.20

December 29, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. High homocysteine, vitamin deficiencies more common in cognitively impaired adults. Junk food linked to sleep problems in teens. Antimicrobial activity of rosemary leaf extracts and efficacy of ethanol extract against testicular damage caused by 50-Hz electromagnetic field. Research conducted at University of North Texas has provided new information about food science. One psychedelic experience may lessen trauma of racial injustice. Is there such a thing as an emotional hangover? Researchers find that there is. 

The Gary Null Show - 12.28.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.28.20

December 28, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world.   PLANDEMIC – INDOCTORNATION (START 5:52).  Medical Professionals From All Over The World Speak Out - Naturally Healthy News.

The Gary Null Show - 12.24.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.24.20

December 24, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. 

The Gary Null Show - A More Honest Perspective of the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Gary Null Show - A More Honest Perspective of the Covid-19 Pandemic

December 23, 2020

A More Honest Perspective of the Covid-19 Pandemic


Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, December 23, 2020


Since the first cases of the new coronavirus strain outside of China, every aspect of the pandemic’s ever-changing amoebic narrative has been carefully controlled by the World Health Organization and major government health agencies. High officials within a syndicate of institutions, including the CDC, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and the UK’s National Heath Service, have largely dictated government responses to lessen the pandemic.  The Sars2-Cov19 pandemic is not the first time unelected medical bureaucrats, who the average person assumes to possess an enduring expertise, have guided global policies against pandemics and serous infectious outbreaks.  The most recent example was the 2009-2010 HIN1 Swine Flu pandemic that never truly happened according to plan. Subsequently that effort revealed a surprising incompetence in the international medical hierarchy that can be blamed on the entire system rather than a few inept individuals.

However, during the current pandemic scare, something unusual and remarkably radical has happened. Historically, voices of opposition within institutionalized medicine remain relatively silent. Most often it is only a handful of health professionals who come forward to challenge official statements or to uncover the serious flaws in the scientific literature to support their actions.  Yet for the past year we have witnessed tens of thousands of physicians, medical experts and researchers coming forward publicly with harsh and even damning criticisms of how the ruling medical agencies have mishandled the pandemic.  They easily recognize these agencies’ contradictions, the conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry, the large body of medical literature deconstructing and discrediting their fundamental claims, and the evidence to prove their policies are scientifically baseless.  These are not dissident mavericks. Over 52,000 medical professionals representing some of the world’s leading medical schools and research institutions have already signed the Great Barrington Declaration in protest against the official Covid-19 strategies and these policies’ serious adverse effects on the physical and mental health of children, working class citizens and the poor.  Moreover, they have nothing to gain. No financial interests jeopardize their judgments. And they are fully aware of the pushback and blacklisting that may follow and would injure their reputations.


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The Gary Null Show - 12.22.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.22.20

December 22, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? 

The Gary Null Show -  12.21.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.21.20

December 21, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Efficacy and Safety of Tetrahydrocurcuminoids for the Treatment of Canker Sore and Gingivitis. Stress in adolescence leads to learning and memory difficulties and increased anxiety in adulthood. Investigating how 6-gingerol and gamma-tocotrienol can suppress cancer growth. Meta-analysis finds greater dietary fiber intake associated with significantly lower risk of depression. 


Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science

The Gary Null Show -  12.18.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.18.20

December 18, 2020

Merck’s History of Crimes and Misdemeanors

Merck’s History of Crimes and Misdemeanors


Richard Gale and Gary Null

Progressive Radio Network,

Which private corporation has likely been responsible for the deaths of more innocent people than any terrorist organization or military regime change in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere?  For us, the answer is evident:  Merck and Company. Iatraogenic medicine, or medical error, is now the third leading cause of death in the US after cardiovascular disease and cancer. The majority of these deaths are caused by FDA approved drugs’ adverse effects and from patients taking multiple medications without thorough clinical research to determine the safety of their synergistic effects.  Consequently our health agencies’ oversight and monitoring of drugs on the market is dismal.


One of the worst corporate deals the US government may have ever made in modern history was to acquire the American subsidiary of the German pharmaceutical firm Merck and Company during the first world war. Later in 1953, Merck acquired a competitive drug maker Sharp and Dohme, thereby establishing itself as America’s largest drug developer and manufacturer. Since then this corporate Medusa has ensnared thirteen other drug firms, including Scherring Plough, which it acquired for $41 billion. The two pharmaceutical giants had earned $47 billion in combined sales at the time the merger was finalized in 2009.


Merck’s life of criminal behavior was observed back in the 1970s. In 1975, it was busted by the SEC for illegal payments to foreign government officials from “approximately” 36 nations. The scam was orchestrated through personal bank accounts with the sole purpose of advancing drug approvals through foreign nations’ regulatory medical agencies.


One of the largest frauds in recent medical history was the company’s anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx that resulted in fines above $4.8 billion for causing over a minimum 60,000 deaths from sudden heart attacks and over 120,000 serious medical injuries. At its height, Vioxx was earning over $2 billion in revenues annually and it is estimated that 25 million patients were prescribed the medication. The securities class action suit against the company alone reached $1 billion, placing it in the top 15 securities lawsuits in US corporate history. The centerpiece of the crime was Merck’s intentional withholding of scientific data about the drug’s adverse cardiovascular side effects.


Years after the settlement, Ron Unz, the publisher of The American Conservative, undertook his own investigation to validate Vioxx’s death toll. Analyzing the drug’s adverse effects over a longer time period, Unz estimated Merck may have been responsible for nearly half a million premature deaths in elderly patients, the drug’s primary target group. That is roughly the same number of total civilian, military and terrorist deaths from the US’s military escapades in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan combined.


Merck’s settlement of 47,000 pending lawsuits for personal injuries and 265 class action cases was a small pittance for the harm Vioxx left in its wake. Merck executives were never properly punished for willingly concealing the drug’s dangers in order to assure FDA approval.


In Australia, Merck’s efforts to increase Vioxx profits employed other forms of malfeasance. The Australian government launched a class action suit against the drug maker on charges that employees schemed a fake scientific paper that was ghostwritten for a medical journal in order to put Vioxx into a positive light. Testimonies during the trial stated data was completely based upon “wishful thinking.” Merck also founded the peer-reviewed journal Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine. The journal was a fraud; it was not properly peer-reviewed and its primary purpose was to promote Vioxx on the Australian continent.


Moreover, the class action lawsuit contained Merck emails accessed by Australian officials. The company’s internal communications ordered select employees to draft up a hit list of physicians who were critical of Vioxx. According to the documents, these physicians were targeted to be “neutralized” or “discredited.” Some, including Dr. James Fries at Sanford University’s medical school, were clinical investigators who happened to speak out about the drug’s shortcomings. One email said, “We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live…”


Efforts to target critics for harassment is not limited to Merck. Earlier, Monsanto earned a similar reputation. The Monsanto’s parent company Bayer had to release a public apology for the discovery of a Monsanto hit list of 200 French journalists and politicians who opposed glyphosate and its GMO crops. It has acted similarly in other countries including the US, according to veteran journalist Carey Gillam.  The list originated from the multinational public relations firm Fleishman Hillard. Merck has also employed Fleishman Hillard as well as Monsanto’s other notorious PR firm Ketchum. One of Merck’s Executive Directors, Ian McConnell, earlier served as a vice president at Fleishman. The PR firm’s senior adviser on healthcare Dr. Lukas Pfister, was at Merck for 25 years in its government affairs unit. Merck’s revolving door is not limited to our federal health agencies, but also fully infiltrates some of the world’s most shadowy international PR firms that specialize in whitewashing the public images of executive elites, corporations and in the case of the PR firm Burson-Marsteller even dictators. Following the Vioxx case, Merck had hired B-Marsteller to clean up its public image. MSNBC reported back in 2009, “When evil needs public relations, evil has Burson-Marsteller on speed dial.”


But Merck’s efforts to conceal the dangers of its products, falsify data about drugs’ efficacy and safety and exaggeration of medical claims go back sixty years. In the 1960s, the FDA discovered that the drug maker’s arthritis medication Indocin had not been properly tested for efficacy and its adverse effects were being completely ignored.  In the 1970s, Merck’s drug dietheylstilbestrol (DES) prescribed for the prevention of miscarriages caused a flurry of vaginal cancer cases and other gynecological disorders. Merck had all along known that DES was carcinogenic based upon its own animal clinical trials. In 2007, its cholesterol drug Zetia was shown to increase liver disease. Again Merck had known about Zetia’s liver risks but withheld the clinical trial’s damning results.


It would also appear that Merck has managed to hijack US courts as well. This includes an early 2019 ruling by Trump’s corporate-friendly US Supreme Court to side with the drug maker and squash hundreds of lawsuits for failing to issue warnings that its osteoporosis drug Fosamax’s may contribute to debilitating bone breaks. A federal court in California found that Merck committed perjury for lying in a patent infringement case against Gilead Sciences over the latter’s blockbuster Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi. The judge ruled that Merck carried out a “systematic and outrageous deception in conjunction with unethical business practices and litigation misconduct.”  It turned out that Merck’s patent claims were a sham and orchestrated by its legal division.


Besides pushing through the FDA dangerous medications onto the market, the company has also found itself in the courtroom on many occasions for price-fixing, routinely defrauding and overbilling states’ Medicare and Medicaid programs, and violating the Anti-Kickback Statute. In 2006, the IRS went after Merck for owing almost $2 billion in back taxes. According to the Wall Street Journal, Merck partnered with a British bank to create an offshore subsidiary in tax-friendly Bermuda to divert taxable revenue on its bestselling cholesterol drugs Zocor and Mevacor through a patent scheme. The company ran the operation for ten years before the FDA uncovered the racket.


Merck is America’s leading vaccine manufacturer. Despite public perception and the ruse that vaccines are somehow safer and more effective than pharmaceutical drugs in general, it is the same industry and corporate culture that manufactures both them. Currently Merck markets vaccines for Haemophilus B, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B (individually and in combination), human papilomavirus (Gardasil), Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), pneumococcal, rotavirus, varicella (chickenpox) and Zoster virus (for shingles). More recently it has jumped into the coronavirus vaccine race. In 2010, Merck obtained exclusive rights to MassBiologics vaccine portfolio. The consequence is that Merck’s Adult Vaccine Portfolio expanded to include 9 of the 10 vaccines on the CDC’s adult immunization schedule. The company now holds almost a full monopoly on the government’s vaccines


On its website, the FDA assures the public that “Vaccines, as with all products regulated by the FDA, undergo a rigorous review of laboratory and clinical data to ensure the safety, efficacy, purity and potency of these products.”  However, except for Gardasil, not a single one of Merck’s vaccines has ever been tested in a scientifically viable double-blinded placebo controlled trial. In each case, the placebo in the control group was not inert, such as the use of sterile saline. Rather Merck only tested the vaccine with the viral component against a faux placebo containing the same ingredients, including aluminum, but minus the virus. Known as a “carrier solution,” the standard scientific protocol does not designate it as a proper placebo for measuring the efficacy and disease risks of a drug. And in the case of Gardasil, the trial was statistical trickery to mask Gardasil’s adverse effects. Therefore the FDA’s claim is patently false. None of Merck’s vaccines have ever undergone a “rigorous review” prior to regulatory approval.


Although not completely innocent from internal unfairness and conflicts of interest, the Cochrane Database Collaboration arguably remains the most reliable resource for analysis of drugs, vaccines and medical devices in the evidence-based medical establishment. In its 2016 analysis of Merck’s human papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil, the investigators were so alarmed they filed a complaint against the European Medical Agency for failing to adequately assess the vaccine’s neurological harms.


As we have recently witnessed with Monsanto’s Roundup and Bayer’s settlement of $10 billion to cover 80,000 lawsuits, Gardasil may very well become the company’s Achilles heel. The Gardasil scandal may very well begin to topple the vaccine regime and raise the public’s already increasing awareness and distrust in the official mantra that vaccines are safe and effective. The development, scientific rationale, fraudulent clinical trials and data reporting, and inside negotiations with federal health officials to market the vaccine to pre-teen and teen girls and boys, is a story riddled with misconduct. Today it is Merck’s third largest revenue-generating drug after its cancer drug Keytruda and diabetes drug Januvia, earning $3.1 billion in 2018. Its MMR vaccine is fifth having earned $1.8 billion. Gardasil’s success has nothing to do with the prevention of an urgent national health need. Instead it was a business strategy through Merck’s influence over our nation’s regulatory agencies and state politicians whose election campaigns it funds.


In 2018, a French oncologist, Dr. Gerard Delepine, stumbled upon a correlation between the increase of cervical cancer rates with the rising rates of Gardasil vaccinations. Delepine also compared France, which was deliberating on whether to mandate HPV vaccination, with other countries that relied upon pap smears as a preventative measure against cervical cancer. He observed that in all countries that prioritized pap smears, cervical cancer rates were decreasing; whereas, in those countries with higher HPV vaccination compliance, the rates increased. In his letter to the French government in defiance of Merck’s lobbying efforts, Delephine stated:


“A compulsory health measure should not be based on faith in vaccination or hidden conflicts of interest, but on proven facts, verifiable by every citizen. However, the facts established by the official records of cancer registries show that HPV vaccination does not protect against invasive cancer of the cervix, but seems rather to maintain its frequency at a high level and sometimes even increase it.”


An article published in the French journal Agoravox noted that other national health ministries are coming around to acknowledge that Gardasil is an extremely unsafe vaccine. Japan, Austria and Denmark no longer promote it due to is trail of injuries with fatal consequences. Public demonstrations against Merck’s Gardasil have occurred in Japan, Colombia, and Ireland.


Yet none of these efforts to warn the public about Gardasil’s risks have reached the American media. Hopefully this may change. Medical researchers at the University of South Alabama presented their paper at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s annual conference. There is great disparity between HPV vaccine compliance across Alabama counties, which range anywhere between 33 and 66 percent. Yet the epidemiological data suggests there is no evidence that Gardasil lowered cancer rates in counties with higher vaccine uptake. Moreover, there is zero chance of pre-teens and teens getting cervical cancer. The average age for the onset of the cancer is 50 years. Nor has the vaccine been on the market long enough to determine whether it protects a woman when she reaches even close to that age. Its product insert for physicians states the vaccine “may not result in protection in all vaccine recipients” and it “has not been demonstrated to prevent HPV-related CIN 2/3 [abnormal pre-cancerous cervical cells] or worse in women older than 26 years of age.” Consequently, there is no scientific rationale for states to mandate the HPV vaccine for schoolchildren let alone even vaccinating them in the first place. In addition, the federal agencies and Merck market the vaccine under a false pretext that HPV infection is the leading cause of cervical cancer; correctly, only a third of cervical cancer cases are caused by the virus.


Robert Kennedy Jr is currently taking steps to sue Merck over the Gardasil deception. Merck’s first effort to have the class action suit dismissed was overturned by the court. Kennedy’s in-depth investigations through his Children’s Health Defense organization has uncovered evidence that the vaccine increases birth defects in children conceived of HPV-vaccinated moms; miscarriages have increased 2000 percent above normal, and girls are experiencing serious reproductive complications, including infertility, at approximately ten-fold above the normal rate. During an interview on the Progressive Radio Network, he noted that there was 10 times greater risk of dying from cervical cancer among Gardasil trial participants compared to the general public. There is a 10-fold increase for ovarian failure, and 1 in 37 girls who receive the vaccine will experience an autoimmune disease after 6 months of receiving the series of injections. When we consider that 1 in 37,000 women have a chance of dying from cervical cancer, it puts HPV vaccines into a completely different light. Sadly, across the nation, politicians from both sides of the aisle in state legislatures, notably Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York, are doing Merck’s bidding to mandate Gardasil for all girls and boys upon entering school.


Based upon Kennedy’s research and documents received from Freedom of Information Act filings, during Merck’s own Gardasil clinical trials, 2.3 percent of girls and women between the ages of 9 through 26 developed a serious autoimmune disease and crippling neurological disorders within seven months of vaccination. Among the 10,700 who received the actual vaccine, 245 (2.3%) had an autoimmune disorder; among the 9,412 who received either an “AAHS Control” — the aluminum hydrophosphate sulfate adjuvant solution with other ingredients minus the HPV virus vectors, there were 218 (2.3%) life-threatening injuries. The most frequent adverse effects were arthritis and anthropathy, autoimmune thyroiditis, celiac disease, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, Raynaud’s Phenomenon, rheumatoid arthritis and uveitis. In other words, it was the aluminum adjuvant responsible for this enormous suffering. He stated during the Progressive Radio Network broadcast that according to Merck’s own statistics, girls are one hundred times more likely to experience a serious adverse effect from the vaccine than to be protected from cervical cancer.


In a 2012 article published in the Journal of Law and Medical Ethics, researchers at the University of British Columbia wrote that ever since Gardasil was approved in 2006, Merck has engaged in an “overly aggressive marketing strategies and lobbying campaigns aimed at promoting Gardasil as a mandatory vaccine.”  One strategy Merck has employed is to take advantage of FDA loopholes to fast track its drugs. In the case of its expanded Gardasil-9 for adults between the ages of 27 to 45, the company applied for fast tracking two days after the Journal of Toxicological and Environmental Health published a study that the HPV vaccine was lowering the probability of pregnancy for women in their 20s.


Unfortunately, the media has indiscriminately colluded with Merck’s scam. Drug companies, according to Kennedy, pay $4.5 billion to the major media networks and publications to promote their drugs. And none of the media outlets are willing to sacrifice their profits for advertising drugs on moral and ethical grounds.


Another scandal erupted within Merck’s vaccine business in 2010 after two whistleblowers gave testimony that the mumps’ component in its Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine was based on fraudulent data about it’s efficacy, and the company knowingly proceeded in order to corner the mumps vaccine market. Merck had been defrauding

 the US government, which purchases the MMR, for a decade. The government and the two Merck whistleblowers, virologists Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, filed a lawsuit against Merck for being in violation of the False Claims Act. According to the charges, Merck had “falsified its mumps vaccine test results to hit an efficacy rate of 95 percent. The company achieved this by adding “animal antibodies to a blood sample to give the impression of increased antibodies.” This would certainly explain why mumps outbreaks in summer camps and on college campuses are found to occur among those vaccinated.


Merck’s has gained enormous political and social influence over the national perception about vaccines.  One example is Merck’s behind the scenes aggression against the flim Vaxxed.  When the documentary film was officially selected to screen during the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan, we discovered in an earlier report that Merck left its fingerprints on the film’s removal and censorship. The Alfred Sloan Foundation is the festival’s largest sponsor; pro-vaccine advocate Bill Gates is also a notable contributor. One of the leading persons on the Foundation’s board of trustees was Dr. Peter Kim.  Kim happens to be the former president of Merck’s Research Laboratories who was directly responsible for the launch of Gardasil and Merck’s other vaccines for the Zoster virus and rotavirus. The film presents a harsh indictment against Dr Julie Gerberding, the former head of the CDC who coordinated the cover up of data that confirmed thimerosal’s role in the onset of autism. After managing the agency’s operations to mine sweep the data and generate new manipulated studies with public funds to suggest thimerosal’s safety, Gerberding accepted her reward from the pharmaceutical industry by becoming the head of Merck’s vaccine division. In addition, according to the whistleblowing of a senior CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, Gerberding was responsible for destroying the CDC’s research that showed African American boys were at a substantially higher risk of becoming autistic from Merck’s MMR vaccine. Fortunately, Dr. Thompson, who was present during the order to shred documents, saved copies which he subsequently turned over to Congressman Bill Posy and an independent biologist Prof. Brian Hooker. Since then, Congress has failed to hold hearings.


All told, these examples of Merck’s culture of greed, deception, political maneuvering and illegal aggression has collectively injured countless people. Merck is a global corporation. Its products, like Monsanto’s glyphoste, are marketed globally. To better understand Merck, the company should be perceived foremost as a cash cow for Wall Street. Its prime directive is selling drugs; its history of misdemeanors and criminal activities should indicate the company holds little integrity in its commitment to prevent and treat disease. The full extent of the casualties from Merck’s drugs and vaccines may never be properly calculated. For firms such as Merck and Monsanto, injuries and deaths are the necessary collateral damage of getting poorly tested products on the market and as fast as possible. A black box should be slapped on the Merck logo.


What is important at this moment is that many corporations are fast-tracking, without sufficient long-term animal and human clinical trials, Merck is now aggressively making efforts to beat out its competition with a Covid-19 vaccine.  Do we really want to trust such a company with this reputation with a Covid vaccine? Therefore we recommend people to support the efforts of Bobby Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defense in its lawsuit against Merck’s Gardasil. A victory may well weaken the entire edifice of vaccine pseudoscience and the public will realize that for decades it has been little more than a house of cards.

The Gary Null Show - 12.17.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.17.20

December 17, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. An avocado a day keeps your gut microbes happy. High blood pressure at any age, no matter how long you have it, may speed cognitive decline. Hydrogen peroxide keeps gut bacteria away from the colon lining. Ten-day grape seed procyanidin treatment prevents certain aging processes in rats over the long term. Study identifies 'three pillars' of good mental health for young adults. Study explores mechanisms for curcumin's ability to help alleviate lung injuries induced by limb ischemia-reperfusion. Mindfulness practices shown to help teenagers deal with stress. Effects of alpha lipoic acid on muscle strength recovery after single and short-term chronic supplementation. 

The Gary Null Show - 12.16.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.16.20

December 16, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Higher vitamin D levels, stronger immune response protect children from COVID-19. Water may be an effective treatment for metabolic syndrome. Researchers identify the compounds responsible for cashew's anti-asthma effects. Health effects of alternate-day fasting in adults. Access to nature important for mental health during Covid lockdowns. 

The Gary Null Show - 12.15.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.15.20

December 15, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world.

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The Gary Null Show - 12.14.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.14.20

December 14, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world.

The Gary Null Show - 12.11.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.11.20

December 11, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Melatonin: finally, a supplement that actually boosts memory.

The Gary Null Show -  12.10.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.10.20

December 10, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Melatonin: finally, a supplement that actually boosts memory. Glutamine depletion disrupts mitochondrial integrity. Aloe vera found to be more effective against diabetic complications than conventional medicine. Study details how aerobic exercise reverses degenerative process that leads to metabolic diseases. Possible bittersweet effects of stevia uncovered by researchers. How poor oral hygiene may result in metabolic syndrome.  



The Gary Null Show - 12.09.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.09.20

December 9, 2020

Vaccine bills in NY State legislature and Action to take

John Gilmore is the Executive Director of the Autism Action Network, a national, not-profit, grassroots advocacy organization that influences legislation and public policy on a wide range of issues impacting the autism community, including access to healthcare, health insurance reform, special education, vaccine rights and civil rights of the disabled. His organization works at the state, federal and sometimes local level to influence the lives of people with autism and their families. Founded as A-CHAMP in 2005, initial efforts focused on the partially successful campaign to ban mercury as an ingredient in vaccines.  Mr. Gilmore has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. He lives in Long Beach, NY with his wife and two teenage sons, one who was vaccine injured as an infant and is diagnosed with autism.  For further information, John's organization’s website is and on Facebook


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The Gary Null Show - 12.08.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.08.20

December 8, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Omega 3 supplementation decreases oxidative stress and inflammation in athletes: a pilot study. Eating foods that promote inflammation may worsen heart failure. Cinnamon compound reduces amyloid beta pathogenesis in of Alzheimer disease. Reiki Improves Heart Attack Outcomes, Yale Study Confirms. Canola oil linked to worsened memory and learning ability in Alzheimer's. Trial finds beneficial cognitive effect for modest amount of DHA in healthy older Japanese. What Are the Benefits of Moringa Oleifera?

The Gary Null Show -  12.07.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.07.20

December 7, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Blackcurrants are favorable for glucose metabolism. Exploring the beneficial effects of Rhodiola rosea and Panax ginseng on metabolic parameters. Less sedentary time reduces heart failure risk for older women. Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of having another heart attack. Meta-analysis indicates saffron may help improve mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Study finds benefits for CoQ10 supplementation in diabetic kidney disease patients. Trial finds beneficial cognitive effect for modest amount of DHA in healthy older Japanese. 

The Gary Null Show - 12.04.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.04.20

December 4, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing | 10-13-2009 | (part 1 of 3)

Service Members Can Request Religious Exemptions for Mandated Vaccines. Here’s How.

The military has a 4-step formal process for requesting a religious exemption. If the exemption is denied, there is also a process for overturning the decision.


Pam Long

Children’s Health Defense, November 30, 2020

The Department of Defense (DOD) Instruction 1300.17, “Religious Liberties in the Military Services,” conveys support for religious beliefs in the following statement:

“In accordance with Section 533(a)(1) of Public Law 112-239, as amended, the DOD components will accommodate individual expressions of sincerely held beliefs (conscience, moral principles or religious beliefs) which do not have an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, good order and discipline, or health and safety. A service member’s expression of such beliefs may not, in so far as practicable, be used as the basis of any adverse personnel action, discrimination, or denial of promotion, schooling, training, or assignment.”

All of the components in the military have a similar process for various religious accommodations, including vaccine exemptions. The Army’s religious accommodation request process, which takes 30 – 60 days, is outlined step-by-step in Army Regulation 600-20 (AR600-20) Appendix P-2:

“Immunizations. Immunization requirements for Soldiers are described in AR 40–562. Soldiers whose religious practices conflict with immunization requirements may request an exemption through command channels, from company or immediate commander through battalion, brigade, division and General Court-Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA) commanders to the surgeon general (TSG). TSG is the only approval or disapproval authority for immunization accommodation requests.”

To apply for a religious exemption, the service member must complete four documents. The first is a personal memorandum that includes identity information, establishes the religious belief that is contrary to immunization and lists the specific vaccines requested for exemption.

An additional letter from a supportive religious leader is optional, but the service member is not required to prove the tenets of his religion. The service member’s memorandum should also explain how the requested religious accommodation will not interfere with military readiness, unit cohesion, good order and discipline, health and safety. According to AR600-20:

“(1) Requests for religious exemption must include name, rank, MOS/branch and a description of the religious tenet or belief contrary to immunization. Other documentation, such as letters from a religious leader, is optional but may assist commanders evaluating the request.”

The second required document is a DA4856 counseling form summarizing an interview between the chaplain, unit commander and service member on the request for religious accommodation. This counseling form documents the reasons for the religious exemption, the lack of burden on military readiness and acknowledgement of the terms of revocation under imminent risk conditions. According to AR600-20:

“(2) The commander will arrange an in-person or telephonic interview between the requestor and the assigned unit chaplain or other chaplain determined by the senior chaplain present. The chaplain must provide a memorandum that summarizes this interview and addresses the religious basis and sincerity of the soldier’s request. The chaplain is not required to recommend approval or disapproval, but may do so. Memorandums from other chaplains or religious leaders may accompany the request as optional attachments, but do not meet the requirement for interview by the assigned unit chaplain or one determined by the senior chaplain present.”

The third required document is a counseling form documenting a discussion with a healthcare provider and the service member on the risks of disease, and benefits and risks of vaccines. According to AR600-20:

“(3) A licensed healthcare provider must counsel the applicant. The healthcare provider should ensure that the applicant is making an informed decision and should address, at a minimum, the following: (a) specific information about the diseases concerned; (b) specific vaccine information including benefits and risks; and (c) potential risks of infection incurred by unimmunized individuals.”

The fourth required document is a DA4856 counseling form on which the commander and service member explain the career impact of a religious exemption to vaccines, with a recommendation in favor or denial of the request. According to AR600-20:

“(4) The applicant’s immediate commander must counsel the applicant and recommend approval or denial of the exemption request. The commander must counsel that noncompliance with immunization requirements may adversely impact deployability, assignment or international travel, and that the exemption may be revoked under imminent risk conditions. The commander’s recommendation will address the factors of military necessity described in paragraph 5–6a.”

Once the packet containing all of the forms is submitted, the review process will include the following, according to AR600-20:

“(5) Commanders will forward exemption requests through command channels to TSG) TSG will approve or disapprove the requested exemption, and return the decision to the soldier’s commander through command channels.

“(6) TSG may authorize exemptions for the career of a soldier (subject to revocation), or issue a single, specific exemption, or may disapprove the request. If TSG disapproves a requested exemption and the soldier still refuses the immunization, paragraph 5–4g(2) applies.”

If the process results in a denial of request, the service member has right to appeal, right to legal counsel, options to file a complaint with Equal Opportunity or Inspector General for discrimination based on religious beliefs and freedom to contact their elected representatives or senators for an inquiry. If the request for exemption is ultimately denied, and the service member refuses vaccination, the soldier may face Uniform Code of Military Justice disciplinary action or request separation from the military.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children’s Health Defense.


The Gary Null Show - 12.03.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.03.20

December 3, 2020

America’s Sacrificial Altar for Google, Wikipedia and the Pharmaceutical Empire


Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, December 3, 2020


Weekly, millions of people do Google searches for advice about their personal health, a large variety of illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, etc., drug and vaccine safety, and scores of other topics affecting physical and mental health.  They depend upon speed and accuracy to find the current scientifically based and clinically proven information. For the large majority of people, a personal medical condition or health crisis begins by turning exclusively to established medical, drug-based protocols. However, these treatments do not always relieve symptoms and very rarely reverse disease. Certainly they have not shown success to prevent them. 


Consequently, increasingly people are seeking second and third opinions. More often than not Google will take a person immediately to Wikipedia. Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales acknowledges that “60 to 70 percent of Wikipedia’s traffic originates from Google.  There is an assumption and a reasonable expectation that the information we find on Wikipedia is 1) accurate, 2) soundly researched and referenced from high quality and reliable resources, 3) written by credentialed writers and editors with expertise in the subject, 4) unbiased, and finally 5) objective and neutral. At a minimum it is assumed that content is scientifically validated and on matters of health and disease from the National Institutes of Health PubMed database. Whether it regards a pharmaceutical, surgical or radiological approach, or perhaps a more natural medical modality such as lifestyle change, nutrition, medical botanicals, Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine, information is expected to be accurately described. Then using our freedom of choice and informed consent, we can select the medical route that we believe would be most safe and effective. 


Unfortunately, our four-year investigation into Wikipedia's treatment of health issues reveals exactly the opposite. Many individuals with outstanding credentials are terrified of having their biographies appear on the open-source encyclopedia. Once a person's biography is added she or he will no longer have control over its content. Often they will be faced with character assassination and denigration about their careers and life's work. Their biographies are frozen as if confined in a Russian gulag for a political crime. They may seek redress by reaching out to the media; but the media also is fully compromised.  They may seek open hearings on Wikipedia's backside to expose unfair behavior and misinformation but will be met either by deafening silence, ridicule or censorship. They may even seek redress from the IRS or state's attorney generals for Wikipedia's gross serial violations of its non-profit status. You enter a highly politicized ideological war and the encyclopedia’s parent organization, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), will do essentially nothing to correct errors or reprimand belligerent senior administrators and editors. 


Much of Wikipedia’s chaos over unreliable health information is due to a relatively small group of non-credentialed, hate-filled individuals, popularly known as Skeptics. With Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales’ full support, Skeptics have hijacked the site and converted it into their personal social media platform to condemn all non-conventional and alternative medical therapies and its practitionersand voices who are critical of the dominant drug and vaccine based medical paradigm.


Since its founding certain editors realized that Wikipedia was prime game for writing entries and reshaping content as a means to proselytize their personal ideological agendas. This is due to the encyclopedia’s systemic vulnerabilities and its naïve belief that truth can emerge by reaching a faux democratic consensus.  In 2006 Wikipedia editor Paul Lee, a physical therapist in California’s Central Valley and an avowed Skeptic, started to reach out to internet Skeptic groups to recruit editors to advance the Skeptic mission to ridicule and discredit all forms of complementary and alternative medicine, marginalize those who question vaccination safety and efficacy, and attack critics of corporate commercial interests adversely impacting the nation’s health such as genetically modified crops, fluoridation, sugar and junk food, etc. 


That year Lee posted on the International Skeptic Forum:


“I would like to invite webmasters and site owners to begin editing Wikipedia and SkepticWiki. There are many subjects for skeptics to get involved with, and we really need help. There are plenty of loons out there doing the editing right now, and far too few skeptics to keep them at bay. Any coordination of efforts should be done by private email, since Wikipedia keeps a very public history and “every” little edit, and you can’t get them removed. We don’t need any accusations of a conspiracy… I hope to see more skeptics in action!”


Lee also lists the subjects Skeptics should focus on, which include the National Vaccine Information Center, vaccine critics Barbara Loe Fisher and Viera Scheibner, Chiropractic, and complementary and alternative medicine. Lee happens to be the former list master for the pro-pharmaceutical and junk food friendly Quackwatch, a personal blog founded by a psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Barrett. Over time, Quackwatch and its Skeptic allies such as the Center for Inquiry and the Science Based Medicine blog have exponentially increased their presence on Wikipedia to become the single most cited references in the Skeptics’ arsenal to attack alternative medical therapies and the critics of conventional medicine’s power base. The consequence is that personal bias has trumped Wikipedia’s rules of objectivity and neutrality.


New York Times best-selling human rights author Edwin Black described the dangers Wikipedia poses for social progress in his article “Wikipedia: The Dumbing Down of World Knowledge” published on the History News Network:


“…. Wikipedia, the constantly changing knowledge base created a global free-for-all of anonymous users, now stands as the leading force for dumbing down the world of knowledge. If Wikipedia’s almost unstoppable momentum continues, critics say, it threatens to quickly reverse centuries of progress… In its place would be a constant cacophony of fact and falsity that Wikipedia critics call a “law of the jungle.”[16]


Writing for the Huffington Post, journalist Sam Slovick posed a question we might ask ourselves every time we click into Wikipedia. "Has Jimmy Wales' marauding encyclopedic beast finally corrupted the Internet? Has Wikipedia lost all credibility, its purported neutral system compromised by toxic editors?” The most toxic Wikipedia editors now terrorizing the encyclopedia’s pages more often than not are the anonymous non-experts and computer hacks who identify themselves with this extreme militant form of scientific materialism. They also fiercely protect their own Skeptic pages from any citable truths that may cast them in a poor light.


Indeed commercial science is constantly attempting to develop new technological solutions through genetic engineering of crops, vaccines and novel patentable drugs, artificial intelligence, 5G wireless technology, etc. These are held up in the public's eyes as great achievements. On the other hand, you will rarely find Wikipedia or the mainstream media ever highlighting these technologies’ flaws and greater risks that undermine their commercial benefits; and certainly private corporations will never leak evidence about these risks and dangers. 


For example, we accessed Wikipedia pages for each of the vaccines recommended on the CDC's childhood immunization schedule. In every case, adverse effects were undermined and the vaccines’ benefits were inflated. Not a single entry had a complete list of adverse effects as printed on the vaccine maker's manufacturing package insert – literature that is easily accessible on the CDC's website. Nor was there to be found a list of vaccine ingredients, many of which are scientifically shown to be toxic. Consequently a visitor to any given Wikipedia vaccine page accesses a very incomplete and twisted understanding of the vaccines' actual safety and efficacy profile. 


We are also led to believe that if a scientific invention or a study for a new drug or vaccine appears in the peer-reviewed literature, it represents a gold standard. Consequently it is assumed that any controversy has been settled. A peer-reviewed paper becomes a scientific law unto itself if it favors tendentious interests. However, repeatedly the peer-reviewed journal system has proven to be unreliable. No decisive effort has been made to reform it. It is simply too profitable to disrupt. 


But the Skeptics’ distorted and biased narratives about medicine and health are only one reason to be deeply worried about the WMF’s long-term mission to bring all medical knowledge to the inhabitable world.  By and large, Wikipedia Skeptics are not motivated by financial gain nor is there strong evidence of conflicts of interest with either the pharmaceutical industry or our federal health agencies.  Rather the Skeptic movement is more likely motivated by a cult-like ideology that is fanatically embraced by its followers with religious zeal.  Yet on the backside, WMF also has deep ties with the pharmaceutical industry and this takes us to its close relationship with Google for over a decade. 


The Google-WMF association is no secret. There is plenty of evidence confirming Google’s preferential treatment of Wikipedia aside from the millions of daily Google searches that bring users directly to the encyclopedia. 


Although Wikipedia editors take full advantage of flawed medical literature if the conclusions serve their purpose and agenda, Google, through its algorithmic modeling to censor voices challenging the medical regime’s status-quo, ignores efforts to determine whether the medical literature is bogus or not. Google’s mission is to protect the global medical regime -- not just private drug companies but also government health bodies and international organizations such as the World Health Organization. 


No longer should Google be perceived solely as a technological platform to promote the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda. It is also a drug company itself. During the past seven years, Google's parent company Alphabet has launched two pharmaceutical companies. In 2013, it founded Calico, headed by Genentech's former CEO Arthur Levinson. Calico operates an R&D facility in the San Francisco Bay Area for the discovery of treatments associated with age-related diseases.  Two years later, Alphabet founded Verily Life Sciences (previously Google Life Sciences).  Both companies partner with other drug firms, including Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, and vaccine giants Pfizer and Sanofi. In October Verily launched an aggressive multimillion dollar campaign to expand Covid-19 testing in California’s most distressed communities in 28 counties. However, some counties are starting to sever their ties with the company. In order to qualify for the program’s Covid test people are required to have a Gmail account and provide highly sensitive personal information. Alphabet’s drug companies therefore are intricately linked to Google’s ambition to gather, control and own everyone’s personal information.


In 2016, Verily collaborated with the European pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline to form a third company, Galvani Bioelectronics, for the development of "bioelectronic medicines." Among its initiatives are nanotechnology for drug delivery and the development of “miniaturized, implantable devices that can monitor nerve signals in the body.” Galvani’s Chairman is Moncef Siaoui, Glaxo's former chairman of its global vaccines business who now serves as Trump’s appointed chief science adviser for Operation Warp Speed. 


Nor should it be forgotten that Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin’s former wife Anne Wojcicki also co-founded the biotech company 23andMe to develop personal DNA testing kits. In 2018 it entered a partnership with Glaxo to expand into drug development. 


In January 2019, Google's president of Customer Solutions Mary Ellen Coe joined Merck's Board of Directors. Formerly working at the corporate consulting firm McKinsey and Company, her role at Google includes overseeing the firm's global advertising for contracted companies. Merck's chairman Kenneth Frazier remarked in a press release that Coe "will be a significant asset to Merck."


To better appreciate the enormity of the global pharmaceutical regime now unfolding, we need to fully acknowledge this nightmarish marriage between the tech and information-based companies, such as Google and the WMF, and Big Pharma. As the world's most advanced search engine, Google has gained control over the internet's most technically sophisticated surveillance systems and algorithms. Therefore the company has positioned itself to perhaps be the greatest potential threat to human health via the flow of information and data viewed on our laptops and mobile phones. 


During the past five years, the pharmaceutical industry has shown a growing interest in the concept of virtual pharmacies, whereby drug companies can leverage their influence over consumers. Social media, notably Wikipedia, has become the consumer’s most utilized resource for gaining knowledge about disease, drugs and health. In a University of Sydney survey, Wikipedia was the first source of choice for gaining information about unfamiliar health topics, even among medical professionals. According to a 2013 joint analysis of this emerging trend, conducted by the University of Zurich and Johnson and Johnson, drug companies can use these virtual platforms to tackle the challenges they face in the financial market and even within medical communities. However, the analysis also recommended that the best strategy would be for Big Pharma to invest heavily in virtual companies and secure partnerships. This strategy is gaining steam whereby tech and social media companies such as Google and WMF are being absorbed into the pharmaceutical machinery and vice versa. The dire results from this marriage are already being felt as we now witness Wikipedia morphing into another mouthpiece for Big Pharma. 


If Google's transformation into a drug company is not alone disturbing, the world's largest open source knowledge site is acutely entangled with the Silicon Valley giant and its pharmaceutical agenda. In early 2019, Google dumped $3.1 million into WMF’s coffers, which brings total contributions from Google and Sergey Brin to over $7.5 million. Curiously, the announcement of Google's endowment was made at the World Economic Forum at Davos. The donation also includes Google's intention to provide Wikipedia editors with its high tech learning tools. Wired Magazine published an article that further defines the Google-WMF relationship over the years. With respect to Google's generous contribution, journalist Louise Matsakis writes, "but the decision isn’t altruistic... Google already uses Wikipedia content in a number of its own products.... The company also has used Wikipedia articles to train machine learning algorithms, as well as fight misinformation on YouTube." Now with Jimmy Wales' intention to take on the cause of fighting "fake news" – a cause also aligned to his personal Skeptic ideology as the ultimate arbitrator that determines what is real or fake -- Skeptic editors have free access to advanced algorithmic apps to proceed with their agenda to scrub Wikipedia of content favorable towards alternative medicine or content critical of the pharmaceutical empire. 


Yet Google’s and Jimmy Wales’ mutual interests go beyond the construction of a pharmaceutical ruled society.  Brin and Wales first sealed a close relationship during their early efforts to counter the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Together both executives, among others, signed a joint Open Letter to the federal government opposing SOPA, which was coincidently around the same time as Brin’s half-million dollar donation. In 2014, in a reaction against legal issues over privacy matters, Google created an “Advisory Council.” Wales was one of its founding members. 


In 2012, Google’s charitable arm,, initiated a collaboration with WMF’s WikiProject Medicine “to further improve the quality of articles” by recruiting and hiring “professional medical editors.”  Dr. James Heilman, a Canadian emergency room physician and a seasoned senior Wikipedia administrator who frequently comes to the defense of Skeptic Wikipedians, sits on the WMF’s Board of Trustees. Heilman is one of the founders of the Wiki Project Med Foundation (WPMF) to advance its mission to give “every single person free access to the sum of all medical knowledge.” WPMF now has collaborative relationships with the National Institutes of Health, Cancer Research UK, Cochrane Collaboration, the University of California at San Francisco, the Wellcome Trust and several open-access medical journals. 


Recently during the Covid-19 pandemic, WMF has strengthened its ties with the global medical establishment. Last October it entered a collaboration with the World Health Organization to assure that public health information and data about Covid-19 is regulated in accordance with the latest pronouncements made by the anointed authorities in the institutional medical establishment. Wikipedia already contains over 5,200 Covid-related entries in 175 languages and these are largely based upon WHO sources. It is estimated that this content is accessed at least a million times a day.  Part of the WMF’s commitment is to monitor and censor “the spread of misinformation” according to the WHO’s criteria.  In a New York Times article reporting on the new partnership, if this initial pilot Covid-19 project succeeds, it will be expanded to launch additional efforts “to counter misinformation regarding AIDS, Ebola, influenza, polio and dozens of other diseases.”


So where exactly in the cesspool of modern medicine and the toxic food, vaccine and the agro-chemical industries are we to discover truth. Few in the scientific and federal health agencies can be trusted anymore. Most are compromised and this distortion of truth for global leverage clearly extends throughout Google and Wikipedia. Rarely is a mainstream journalist trustworthy, and no one can be certain whether a paper appearing in a peer-reviewed science journal or an medical entry on Wikipedia is reliable or not. Even clinical physicians on the front lines of healthcare work in the dark. It is only after large numbers of injuries and deaths due to Agent Orange, DDT, life-threatening vaccine adverse reactions, a Vioxx scandal, or an epidemic of corporate liable opiate drug overdoses that a light bulb eventually goes on. But only for a limited time before it is quickly forgotten and goes dark again. 


The reason for American medicine turning into the nation's largest and deadliest battlefield is because scientific corruption is legally protected to proceed with impunity. The Surgeon General, the heads of federal health agencies, drug makers, the insurance industry, medical schools and professional associations, Google and WMF, and the media operate as a single voice that the American health system is the best in the world when it is surely not. Corporate interests and massive profiteering control everything. Modern medicine has morphed into a religious cult that is incapable of self-reflection about its own vulnerabilities and failures. This hubris of power and domination plagues Google and the WMF equally. And numerous patients are being played for fools.   


The fact is that all players in the architecture of our medical system are vulnerable to corruption. Private industry and government know this perfectly. The checks and balances between private and public interests have collapsed. Today, the medical regime is a single entity. All of its parts are consolidated and entwined into a monolithic behemoth to protect its bottom line. In our opinion Google and WMF have been co-opted to serve as the guardians of this culture of corruption. Therefore they both are equally culpable in the widespread destruction of the nation’s public health. 


Yet we mustn’t expect that the trajectory of an emerging global pharmaceutical hegemony will experience a collapse anytime soon. Rather, with the aid of Google and WMF, it will increasingly monopolize the medical discourse and define the national policies shaping public health. And this requires greater efforts to censor and silence the medical critics and honest investigative journalists bringing light to the medical and scientific flaws upon which health policies and laws are based through the virtual technological apparatus and information control Google and WMF provides. In short, tech companies now control and dictate orders to the morally-deficient incompetents in Washington.


Yet the emergence of a pharmaceutical regime as a natural consequence of humanity being in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is unfolding to the delight of Jimmy Wales and his Skeptic denizens who worship his messianic mission to make all knowledge free to the world’s population. But the question has always been “whose knowledge?” Skepticm’s “pseudo-knowledge,” of course. It is not uncommon to find Skeptics acknowledging Wales as one of their own. Wales has provided plenty of assistance to Skeptics and on occasion has come to their defense in discussion groups. Replying to comments Wales wrote on Quora to offer his assistance to rid the world of homeopathy, the co-founder of Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia Susan Gerbic replied:


“Jimmy you have already done more than anyone could possibly dream that can be done. You created the most amazing resource in the world. I mean that, not only in English but in every language possible…. Thank you. Allowing us editors to ‘do our job’ and keep these articles honest and correctly cited is enough. I can’t imagine what else you can do, my brain is teeny tiny compared to your mighty brain, if you come up with something please oh please let us in on it, we want to help.”


The pharmaceutical industry has no need to attack the competition of non-conventional and natural medicine on Wikipedia. Nor is there a need to hire or pay off Wikipedians to do this dirty work for them since Skeptics are already doing so freely or involuntarily, and Skeptic administrators receive the perks of being provided with Google’s algorithmic tools and apps to protect their message. It is a completely rigged game and Wales and the WMF seem to have every intention to keep it that way.


America’s 21st century technological god with a silicon-crafted body demands the sacrifice of the world’s children and elderly and persons for profit in its furnace of drugs and vaccines. John Milton and Beat poet Allen Ginsberg would surely agree. If alive we might hear Ginsberg howling against this devouring techno-Pharma empire on YouTube. From its humble beginnings, and with the technological resources and generous funding received from Google, Wikipedia has morphed into a chaotic war between truth and falsehoods amusingly ruled over by this postmodern Moloch. The dangerous fallout is that objectivity and ethics are being increasingly sacrificed on a cold virtual altar devoted to a perverted metaphysical realism disguised as medical science and fact.  

The Gary Null Show -  12.02.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.02.20

December 2, 2020

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The Gary Null Show -  12.01.20

The Gary Null Show - 12.01.20

December 1, 2020

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. Chemical compounds in foods can inhibit a key SARS-CoV-2 enzyme. Soy isoflavone genistein shows promise against non-small-cell lung cancer progression. Extracts from garlic, white onion and purple onion exert inhibitory effects against enzymes linked to diabetes and hypertension. Green tea extract rich in EGCG impairs bone loss in rats with experimental periodontal disease.

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