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July 18, 2013  

A look at the paradoxes behind natural medicine that differentiate its fundamental ideas from conventional modern medical theory with Dr. Steven Goldsmith

Dr. Steven Goldsmith is board certified physician and psychiatrist practicing holistic, alternative medicine, a homeopathist and a philosopher of medicine. He received his MD from the Columbia Colle of Physicians and Surgeons and has been in practice for 40 years. Earlier he held faculty and staff positions at the medical schools of Boston University, Tufts, and NYU’s School Medicine. alternative holistic doctor He has also been a master in homeopathy for 2 decades. Dr. Goldsmith is the author of a profoundly stimulating book, “The Healing Paradox: A Revolutionary Approach to Treating and Curing Physical and Mental Illness, which explores the philosophy of ideas that differentiate the fundamental differences between conventional modern medicine and natural, alternative health practices.His website is

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