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October 15, 2019  

Why Jimmy Wales’ Personal Philosophy Should Discredit Wikipedia's Trustworthiness


Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, October 15, 2019


When we think about the most powerful and influential voices in the world, we more often than not recognize presidents, statespersons, leading social reformers, and great visionaries. But rarely would Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales be found on our lists. Nevertheless, it is perfectly legitimate to suggest that Wales has received enormous undeserved recognition for his Wikipedia that is now in the top five of the world's most influential websites.  People utilize Wikipedia for it being the largest storehouse of human knowledge that is simply a click away to access. Unfortunately, many people visit Wikipedia to gain access to information that may contribute to life-changing decisions, especially regarding medicine and health.  Given all its hype, Wikipedia has become a trusted resource, yet few users truly know or understand the politics and controversies that rage behind its editorial backrooms and the encyclopedia's parent entity's -- the Wikimedia Foundation -- complete lack of oversight and responsibility for the information posted.  This lack of oversight is a violation of it’s parent foundation’s most fundamental legal responsibility, to control the operations of Wikipedia and have it conform to its stated purpose.

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