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May 5, 2011  

Today's guest is Dr. Joseph Debe and he is a Chiropracter and Board certified nutritionist in New York State who has specialized in sports injuries and physical fitness. He is Director of Clinical Nutrition for DREAM Wellness health centers. He has written numerous articles on natural health and wellness and is author of the book The Ultimate Creatine Handbook: A Safe Alternative for Healthy Muscle Building.

One area of Dr. Debay’s specialty is Functional Medicine laboratory tests – such as nutrients status, toxins, hormone levels, food allergies, sugar metabolism and others -- for uncovering underlying causes for diseases. Many of the most important laboratory tests that benefit alternative medical physicians and holistic practitioners are not permitted in New York – including hair analysis for measuring nutrient and toxic chemical levels. It is quite shocking to hear the list of tests New York does not permit. Dr. Debay has been spearheading an effort to change this and have them approved.


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