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September 29, 2011  
Guest: Dr. Brent Blackwelder
Dr. Brent Blackwelder is the recent president emeritus of Friends of the Earth, a post he held since 1994. He is regarded as our nation’s most senior environmental lobbyist in Washington. To date Brent has testified before Congress on pressing environmental issues over 100 times.  Earlier he was the founder of the Board of American Rivers, the nation’s leading river-saving organization responsible for preserving many of our rivers which might now have disappeared, as well as eliminating over 200 dams and channeling projects that would have destroyed wetlands and wildlife.  His organization, Friends of the Earth, is now in 70 countries around the world and assisting these nations to move towards renewable energy technologies.
Brent will be one of the key speakers at the Nuclear-Free Future rally this Saturday at Hudson River Park (Pier 95) starting at Noon
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