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The Gary Null Show -Why Joe Biden is the perfect candidate for the Right Wing Corporate oligarchy that rules the Democrat Party-03.13.20

March 13, 2020

Branko Marcetic (March-eh-tick) is a journalist and staff writer at Jacobin magazine where he writes extensively on the America's presidential campaigns and the career of Joe Biden. He is also the 2019-2020 Leonard C Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting fellow at In These Times. Earlier he was a writer for the American Prospect. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Branko holds a masters degree in America History. He is the author of "Yesterday's Man: The Case Against Joe Biden" which dives deeply into Biden's very long political career over the decades that reveals his lack of substance on numerous major issues, frequently shifting positions, and being more of a politician seeking prestige rather than promoting policies to uplift the common citizen. For more on Branko's articles and "Yesterday's Man", the website is

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