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September 17, 2019  

Wikipedia's Leading Abettor in Skepticism’s Pro-Industry Propaganda


Richard Gale, Gary Null PhD and Neal Greenfield, Esq.

Progressive Radio Network, September 18, 2019

For all of Skepticism's animosity against climate change denialism, oddly this fringe faction within the scientific community consistently supports private corporate interests that contribute to the destruction of the environment and rising greenhouse gas emissions. Although Skeptics admirably deconstruct the arguments of a tiny minority of public voices who reject the evidence of anthropogenic global warming, nevertheless Skepticism routinely fails to agree with the scientific consensus that solutions will require our strengthening ecological resilience, such as reforestation of lands that are being stripped away in order to raise more cattle for hamburgers, larger monocrop farms to plant GMOs and blanketing poisons across the landscape that kill pollinators, birds and other wildlife.  But we would miss the magnitude of Skepticism's threats to the environment and human health if we were to limit its perception to a boys' club of belligerent like-minded people who embrace atheism and an extreme materialist interpretation of reality. Rather, it is a wide network of organizations, publications, and individuals with tentacles reaching Silicon Valley firms and the social media, universities, TED Talks, private industry supported front groups, and especially online resources such as Wikipedia. Modern Skepticism's singular mission appears to promulgate a distinctly secular and scientific ideology that would marginalize and discredit belief systems, medical disciplines, and sustainable ecological remedies that disagree with Skepticism's doctrine.  

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