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March 17, 2011  

Today's guest is Daniel Gardner and he is a senior writer and columnist for the Ottawa Citizen in Canada. During the mid-1990s, he served as a senior policy advisor to the Ministry of Education in Ontario. As a journalist, Dan has received numerous Canadian and international awards including two Amnesty International Media Awards for his investigations into torture and Russian dissidents.

We had Dan on our program a couple years ago, speaking on the science behind fear. His new focus has been on the tradition of making predictions, in his new book “Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions are Next to Worthless and You Can Do Better.”

March 16, 2011  

Today's guest is Harvey Wasserman and he is a journalist, author and democracy activist who has been a leading national voice in the anti-war and anti-nuclear energy movements for 3 decades. He is a senior advisor for Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

In 1973, Harvey pioneered the global movement against atomic reactors and is responsible for coining the term “No Nukes.”

Among his many books are the “Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America’s Epxerience with Atomic Radiation”, “George W Bush vs. the Superpower of Peace”, Harvey Wasserman’s History of the United States” which Howard Zinn forwarded, and most recently “Solartopia: Our Green-Powered Earth AD 2030”.

March 15, 2011  

Today's guest is Professor Dacher Keltner and he is a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, where he specializes in emotional and social interaction and the biology of moral perceptions. He is also the present Director of the Greater Good Science Center, a research institute at the university that investigates the neuroscience and psychological science of the inherency of positive attributes such as kindness, compassion, empathy and altruism in people. Docker was a former post-doctoral student of Dr. Paul Ekman, who has been a frequent guest on our program.

March 14, 2011  
March 11, 2011  
March 10, 2011  
March 9, 2011  

Today's guest is Professor Paul Pierson and he is professor of political science and holds the Avice Saint Chair of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. His recent focuses on American politics and the politics of economics, including several important works on the rise of the Republican Party and the erosion of American democracy which was the main theme of one of his earlier books.

March 8, 2011  
March 8, 2011  
March 7, 2011  

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