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Gary takes on the real issues that the mainstream media is afraid to tackle. Tune in to find out the latest about health news, healing, politics, and the economy.

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12 hours ago

Dr. Gary Null gives a commentary on "The World Health Organization"  

4 days ago

·         Largest study of its kind shows leafy greens may decrease bowel cancer risk
·         Twin research indicates that a vegan diet improves cardiovascular health
·         Violence in childhood leads to accelerated aging, study finds
·         Moderate regular exercise found to alleviate some symptoms of postpartum depression
·         Scientists uncover how fermented-food bacteria can guard against depression, anxiety
·         Very high levels of 'good cholesterol' may be associated with dementia risk, study shows

5 days ago

·         Blueberries could help protect against metabolic syndrome effects
·         Nicotinamide riboside prevents hearing loss progression in mice
·         6+ hours/day of sedentary leisure time linked to doubling in fibroids risk 
·         Sit all day? Periodic squatting exercises may help preserve your brain power
·         Lycopene, lutein supplements show skin protection from within against UV radiation 
·         Bee propolis has 9 surprising health benefits

6 days ago

·         Study lists foods for fighting rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and progression
·         The way to better mental health may go through your stomach
·         Faster walking speed of 4 km+/hour linked to significantly lower type 2 diabetes risk
·         Discrimination during pregnancy can affect infant's brain circuitry
·         New findings on long-term treatment of ADHD and link to cardiovascular disease
·         Report card on complementary therapies for breast cancer: meditation and yoga get "A" grade for easing anxiety and mood

7 days ago

·         PQQ may boost brain folate
·         Study: Neuroprotective Effect of Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Relieve ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease)
·         Both acupuncture and massage can benefit those with cancer-related pain: Study
·         Mixing heat with hair styling products may be bad for your health
·         Study suggests changing to a healthier diet could add ten years to your life
·         Vegetable peptones may delay skin aging from within: Study

The Gary Null Show 11.27.23

Monday Nov 27, 2023

Monday Nov 27, 2023

·         Higher vitamin D levels linked with lower risk of cancer deaths
·         Scientists: High doses of vitamin B can “completely offset” the harmful effects of air pollution
·         Obesity may not be the only factor to link ultra-processed foods to higher risk of mouth, throat and oesophagus cancers
·         Dancing can reverse the signs of aging in the brain
·         Dramatically improve your health by eating almonds daily
·         ADHD medications and long-term risk of cardiovascular diseases

The Gary Null Show 11.24.23

Friday Nov 24, 2023

Friday Nov 24, 2023

·                   A popular wild fruit, the Spanish tamarind has many medicinal benefits
·                   Can Pumpkins Ward Off Diabetes
·                   In preventing return of winter blues, talk outshines light, new study says 
·                   Can a vegan diet prevent hot flashes at menopause?
·                   Endometriosis risk linked to 2 pesticides
·                   US Prescription Drug Use Up, Study Finds; Is There Link to Obesity?

The Gary Null Show 11.23.23

Friday Nov 24, 2023

Friday Nov 24, 2023

Dr. Gary Null plays clips on different topics.

The Gary Null Show 11.22.23

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

·         Resveratrol’s inflammatory potential boosts bone health in obese men: Study
·         Study suggests extra L-tryptophan could reduce risk of future colitis flares
·         Hidden belly fat in midlife linked to Alzheimer’s disease
·         New study shows swapping pulses for common proteins and grains improves American diet
·         Rhodiola rosea extract may improve anxiety, stress and mood: Human data
·         43 percent of Americans frequently constipated, survey says

The Gary Null Show 11.21.23

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

Tuesday Nov 21, 2023

·         Mediterranean diet metabolites associated with lower risk of cognitive decline
·         Ashwagandha supplementation associated with improved female sexual function
·         Prostate cancer survivors fight fatigue with Qigong
·         Adult ADHD has become epidemic—experts explain why  
·         A 'perfect storm' for inflammation - bacteria and fat - may promote diabetes
·         Vitamin D pill a day may improve exercise performance and lower risk of heart disease 

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