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August 3, 2011  

Guest: Prof. Devra Davis

Prof. Devra Davis is a renowned environmental health expert and founder of the Environmental Health Trust in Washington DC. A former professor of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute where she headed the world’s first Center on Environmental Oncology, she is now a visiting professor at Harvard and Georgetown universities. Prof. Davis has held multiple advisory positions on national and international agencies, including the World Health Organization. In addition to her many awards for indepth research on environmental health and cancer, she has authored over 170 scientific publications and several books including her most recent “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation and What the Industry has Done to Hide It” -- a thorough investigation into the health risks of cell phone and like technologies and the story of the telecommunication industry’s attempt to cover up the science.

August 2, 2011  

Guest: Dr. Judy Wood

Dr. Judy Wood is a former professor at Clemson University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the research of thermal stress and deformation analysis with optical imaging, biomaterial composition, and biomimicry. She is an expert in the field of interferometry, an optical method of stress analysis to determine interference patterns and their effects. She has authored over 60 peer reviewed research papers.

Dr. Wood has applied her scientific expertise, since the time of 911, to conduct what is probably the most thorough forensic study on the collapse of the world trade towers – based on over 40,000 images, video clips, volumes of witness testimonies. Her findings led her to file a federal qui tam case for science fraud against the contractors who controlled the official 911 Commission report. Her research has been published in a 500 page book, “Where Did the Towers Go?: Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 911.”

August 1, 2011  

Guest: Dr. Len Saputo

Dr. Len Saputo is a board certified physician in internal medicine and the Founder and Medical Director of Health Medicine Foundation in California, a nonprofit education foundation of integral healthcare providers and community leaders dedicated to a holistic vision of wellness.   He has been practicing since 1965 after graduating from Duke University’s medical school.

Dr. Saputo is a renowned expert in photonic stimulation therapy for a wide range of diseases and detoxification.  He is also an expert in sports medicine and has twice been ranked as the number one senior tennis player in the world by the International Tennis Federation.

He has co-authored several books on natural wellness health, his most recent being “A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine” which is a detailed critique of the dominant conventional medical establishment and paradigm, how it is a dismal failure, and what an integral approach to healing can provide to make it more humane, healthy and sustainable.

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