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July 31, 2012  

The failure of psychiatry and re-envisioning what it means to be “mad”

Dr. Seth Farber is a writer, social critic, dissident psychologist, and an activist in the human and animal rights, the environment and the anti-psychiatry movement. He is a co-founder of the Network Against Coercive Psychiatry, which stands in the tradition of great revolutionary psychologists such as Thomas Szasz and RD Laing. Dr. Farber is also the editor of scholarly review Journal of Mind and Behavior. He has written several important books, his most recent release being “The Spiritual Gift of Madness: The Failure of Psychiatry and the Rise of the Mad Pride Movement”, which takes a fresh look at the failure of psychiatry to prove itself a science and the alternative, holistic way of viewing mental disorders.

July 30, 2012  

If we do not do something in the very near future about global warming, it'll be too late - Bill McKibbin writing from Rolling Stone

Latest on health and healing

Writing by Martha Rosenberg (Truthout) on how bad it is at the FDA

plus your calls, and much more

July 27, 2012  

Media as an ecosystem – deconstructing the corporate media’s mission of “emotional transfer”

Antonio Lopez is among the younger generation of visionaries challenging the dominant paradigm of corporate government, media and social institutions. He is a media educator and journalist who has written for many magazines and academic journals, and is a contributor to the MacArthur Foundation’s series: Digital Learning in the 21st Century. He was instrumental in the New Mexico Media Literacy Project’s groundbreaking Spanish language media and health program, Medios y Remedios, and founded a multicultural media literacy curriculum, Merchants of Culture, to train instructors in media literacy within rural communities.

Antonio attended the Center for Investigative Reporting in San Francisco and the Peace and Conflict Studies at University of California at Berkeley. He received an MA in Media Studies from the New School and currently resides in Rome where he teaches media studies at an American University while completing a doctorate in education for sustainability.

He is the author of “The Media Ecosystem: What Ecology Can Teach Us About Responsible Media Practice” – which presents a new platform for proactively deconstructing mainstream corporate media and re-constructing an alternative that is ethically moral and sustainable.

July 26, 2012  
July 25, 2012  

Newsmaker – real underlying causes of growing violence in the US

Professor Henry Giroux holds the Global Television Network Chair of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Ontario Canada. He was previously the Waterbury Chair Professor at Penn State University and Director of the Forum in Education and Cultural Studies.

Professor Giroux is a leader in the field known as critical and public pedagogy – a term to describe the nature of spectacle in our new media, body politic and corporate education. He is a prominent advocate of radical democracy, which opposes the powers of neoliberalism, corporatism, and religious fundamentalism that is now diminishing our population’s sense of civic virtue, free-thought and well being. He has been named among the top fifty educational thinkers of the modern Period.

Henry has authored many books, his most recent being “Twilight of the Social: Resurgent Publics in the Age of Disposability”

July 24, 2012  

The psychological dynamics of authoritarianism and its power as a threat to democracy

Dr. Diana Alstad is an author and lecturer. A Woodrow Wilson Fellow, she received a PhD from Yale in 1971 and was a professor at Duke University in the humanities. Alstad taught the first Women’s Studies courses at Yale and Duke, co-founded New Haven Women’s Liberation in 1968, and was on the board of the Veteran Feminists of America from 1998 to 2004.

And we have Dr. Alstad’s partner for almost 40 years, Dr. Joel Kramer. Joel is the author of a early seminal work The Passionate Mind in 1974. He did his postgraduate work in philosophy and psychology at the University of Florida, NYU, and Columbia and was one of the early pioneers of transpersonal thought on the faculty at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. His work in mind/body approaches to Yoga as a means of self-transformation over the years has become an integral part of modern American yoga.

In addition to Diana and Joel being pioneers in the birthing of American yoga, they are also the authors of the Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power – written in 1993 which has become the standard classic text on spiritual authoritarianism and the misuse of power for personal gain and aggrandizement.

PLUS: An update on this shocking video from Anaheim, the creeping police state and our 1st Amendment rights. SHOCKING : CALIFORNIA COPS OPEN FIRE ON MEN - WOMEN - CHILDREN - BABIES

Shackford comes to after nearly a decade of serving in various editing positions for Freedom Communications, a libertarian-leaning media chain that may or may not still exist depending on when this profile is being read. Prior to moving to Reason, he was editor in chief of the Desert Dispatch in Barstow, Calif., where he wrote editorials focusing on libertarian issues like wasteful municipal spending, school choice, the drug war and abuse of police authority. He also editorialized about state and federal transportation and energy spending. Living in the midst of heavily subsidized solar developments in the Mojave Desert, he warned about potential problems with the Department of Energy’s guaranteed loan program months before Solyndra actually filed for bankruptcy.
July 20, 2012  


A scientific look at the evidence behind the JFK assassination: the locations and multiple shooters. Paul Chambers will join us -- he is a physicist, a former contractor for the Optics division of NASA Goddard and a developer of renewable energy sources. He has specialized in Energetic Materials and Detonation with the Naval Surface Warefare Center and was a research physicist with the Condensed Mater and Radiation Division of the Naval Research Laboratory. He is al the author of Head Shot: The Science Behind the JFK Assassination.

July 19, 2012  

8 Ways Americans are headed back to the Robber Baron era

Latest on how an entire country decided to decriminalize all drugs for 11 years

Proof that GMOs really are unhealthy

Record breaking expanse of drought across the US

and more ...

July 18, 2012  

Prof. Joel Bakan is a lawyer and professor of constitutional and economic law and an internationally recognized legal scholar at the University of British Columbia. He was a Rhodes scholar and has law degrees from Oxford, Dalhousie and Harvard universities. Prof. Bakan is the author of the best selling book that turned into a documentary, “The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power,” which won 23 international awards, including the Sundance Cinema-Documentary Award. Following up on epidemic of corporate dysfunction, his book “Childhood Under Seige: How Big Business Targets Children” investigates the widespread exploitation of children by profit-seeking firms and our government’s and society’s failure to protect them.

July 17, 2012  

The dumbing down of American students through high stake testing.

James Horn is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA. He is also an education blogger at Schools Matter and has published widely on issues related to social justice in education. Prof. Horn has been one of our nation’s more outspoken opponents of corporate education reform, the re-segregation of school systems, and high stakes testing models.

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