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October 29, 2012  

Dr. Mae Wan Ho is a genetic biochemist and bio-physicist who has become  one of the world’s most sought after public speakers and a prolific writer with over 400 publications in scientific and popular magazines. She has published many books including her very important study Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare, and her classic text The Physics of Organisms. Dr. Ho has also written extensively about the global and scientific problems and catastrophic threats associated with the genetic modification of crops. She was the designated expert of the International Cartagena Biosafety Protocol, which included 578 scientists from around the world, who state that the greatest threat mankind in the new millennium is not nuclear war, but genetic engineering.

Besides her distinguished career as a scientist, she is also a major critic of neo-Darwinian thought and genetic engineering.   She was a senior researcher at Queen Elizabeth University and the Open University at Milton Keynes co-founding the Institute of Science and Society in London, a not-for-profit organization promoting social responsibility at all sectors of society and pioneering new holistic and ecological approaches in science.

October 26, 2012  

What are the dangers of another Obama administration or a new Romney GOP win?

Judge Jim Gray is the Vice Presidential candidate, running on the Libertarian Party ticket with former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. Judge Gray currently presides over the civil trial calendar for the Superior Court of Orange County where he has served since 1989. He has devoted many years in social reform and civic philanthropy, especially in the areas of education, alcohol and drug programs and supporting centers for the treatment of psychological and physical trauma. He has also served in the Peace Corps and was a defense attorney in Navy JAG Corps during the Vietnam era. In 1998, he ran as a Republican candidate for the US Congress and in 2004 ran for the US Senate for the Libertarian Party. He is the author of two books: “Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs” and “Wearing the Robe: Art and Responsibilities of Judging in Today’s Courts”

October 25, 2012  

Lori Grace is a philanthropist for progressive health and environmental causes and the owner of an organic farming operation on the Hawaiian island of Maui. She is the founder and executive director of a nonprofit organization for health and environmental education, The Sunrise Center, Marin County California – one of the very few legislative GMO free counties in the nation.

Lori is deeply involved in supporting the efforts to pass the Calfironia Proposition 37 requiring labeling of GMOs and has been conduit for receiving information about the disinformation campaign underway by the Big Agriculture and Chemical industry to defeat the proposition.

October 24, 2012  

Recent trends in Elections and the Middle East

Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy. He founded the Trends Research Institute and is the publisher of the Trends Journal that has been in operation since 1980. He has since been one of the nation’s most sought after diagnosticians and forecasters on domestic and international events.

Gerald’s insights have been sought for by major networks, PBS and BBC, Russian TV, and publications such as the Economist and major newspapers.

October 23, 2012  

Gene silencing and its risks from dsRNA in GMO Wheat study in Australia

Heidi Stevenson is a leading health advocate, investigative writer, and supporter of holistic, alternative health practice in the UK. She's an iatrogenic survivor whose prior career in computer science, research, and writing was lost as a result. She has turned her skills towards exposing the modern medical scam and the politics surrounding it, along with providing information about the effectiveness of much alternative natural medicine. Heidi is a member of the World Homeopathic Community where she publishes a column and edits the British health website Gaia Health.

October 22, 2012  

The latest in health and nutrition

Anarchy, rational and irrational fears

Growth, the false god

Increasing diagnosis of mental illness in children


Mobile phones and brain tumors

and more

October 19, 2012  

Our national Nuclear Roulette – a look at the truth behind the most dangerous energy source on earth

Gar Smith is the editor emeritus of the prestigious environmental publication Earth Island Journal and is co-founder of Environmentalists Against War. A veteran environmental journalist Gar has won numerous investigative reporting awards, including several from Project Censored. He is the founder of the online reporting service, The Edge, sponsored by the Earth Island Institute. In the past he covered revolutions in Central America and has engaged in environmental campaigns on the three continents.

In recent years, Gar’s focus has been on the lack of safety and the human and environmental risks of nuclear power. His book “Nuclear Roulette: The Truth About the Most Dangerous Energy on Earth” being recognized highly by Helen Caldicott, Vandana Shiva, Karl Grossman and others has just been released.

October 18, 2012  

Romney Secretly Made Millions, and his Biggest Donors Billions,Off the Auto Bail-out and Seized Delphi Auto Parts via "Extortion" Then moved almost all plants to China - 25,000 jobs lost

Greg Palast is a journalist’s journalist, with the BBC and the British newspaper The Guardian, who has been called by the Tribune in the UK “the most important investigative journalist in our time.” He has won many awards including from the Financial Times, the National Press Club and the George Orwell Courage in Journalism

He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and for five years has been a racketeering investigator for BBC Televisions premier current affairs show Newsnight

His most recent book co-authored with cartoonist Ted Rall is “Billionaires and Ballot Bandits: How to Steal and Election in 9 Easy Steps.”

Newsbreaker: do all reactors emit radiation; what if plant loses power

Joseph Mangano is the Executive Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project – a nonprofit organization founded by scientists and physicians to understand the relationships between low level nuclear radiation and public health and the risks of diseases such as cancer and damage to newborns. Joe has published numerous articles and letters in medical and other journals in addition to books, including Low Level Radiation and Immune System Disorders: An Atomic Era Legacy. There he examines the connection between radiation exposure and current widespread health problems.

October 17, 2012  

What was not said in the presidential debate with regard to the environment

Jack Smith - Obama's war record

5 ways deregulation is ripping America apart

The legacy of Iraq

and more …

October 16, 2012  

How and why America performs so poorly in health care, safety, education, democracy and equality among the world’s developed nations

Prof. Howard Friedman is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a leading statistician and health economist at the United Nations. In the past he worked with larger multilateral institutions such as UNICF, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNDP and UNESCO, as well as with directing data analysis for the corporate world. He received his doctorate in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

His articles have appeared on the Huffington Post, and other progressive media sites. His most recent book – “The Measure of a Nation: How to Regain America’s Competitive Edge and Boost Our Global Standing – presents a clear statistical analysis of the US with other developed nations on metrics of health, safety, education, democracy and governance and equality to reveal how and why the US is rapidly declining to the bottom of the heap.

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