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November 30, 2012  

HIV/AIDS update

David Crowe is the President of the Reappraising AIDS Society and a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists. He hosts the website, which is a science and news resource for all international research and commentary challenging the current HIV/AIDS model.  David is also the former president and treasurer for the Green Party in Alberta Canada.

November 29, 2012  

The latest on vaccines - including the chicken pox vaccine. Then, a new use for coconut oil. Also today, lies from tobacco companies, cell phone addiction, and a major study on meditation combined with art therapy. And more!

November 28, 2012  

Overview of academic, medical, media shills who attack alternative health on behalf of Big Pharma

Dr. Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic physician, and one of the nation’s leading natural health activists and the founder of the popular website and newsletter which provides daily information on alternative medicine, health news and critiques of Big Pharma medicine. He is the author of many books, including the New York Times bestsellers “The No Grain Diet” and “The Great Bird Flu Hoax”. In the past Joe was a former head of the Family Medicine dept at St. Alexius Medical Center in Illinois. In 2009, Huffington Post readers awarded Dr. Mercola as the “Ultimate Game Changer in Wellness.”

November 27, 2012  

Gary tells why you shouldn't be having soft drinks. Also, boosting memory with Alzheimer's. Then, pregnancy and traffic, and negative thoughts. From the environmental segment: an American Fukushima is possible. Then, Obama and reducing private debt. And more!

November 26, 2012  

Trans Pacific Partnership – how it departs from former trade agreements such as NAFTA into a much more dangerous ,risky scenario of future trade

Andrew Gavin Marshall is a former Research Associate with the Center for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Quebec and is now the project manager of The People’s Book Project – a new initiative led by Andrew to use social media networks to establish an alternative to political and corporate power. The project will produce a series of volumes addressing institutions of power and resistance, the economic crisis, austerity and other global economic, political and social issues. A scholar in political economics and history, Andrew is a co-editor with his colleague Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (Choss-oo-dov-skee) of the volume “The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the Twenty-First Century.”

November 23, 2012  

Today, Gary speaks with the founder of, Sayer Ji about a recent discovery about how the Big Pharma PR shills are enemies of health in supporting faulty and dangerous medicine. Sayer Ji also adressses a less publicised story publushed by the prestigious, New England Medical Journal; For the past 30 years, 1.3 million women were overdiagnosed for breast cancer due to mammographic screening.  IN 2008 alone, 70,000 women were overdiagnosed which accounted for over 30 percent of all breast cancers.  The New England Medical Journal deliberatly published this on Thanksgiving so it would be under the radar to the  general public.

November 21, 2012  

Today, insights on reducing disease, including colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Then, what young people should know about taking steroids. Also, the latest on protecting against flu. Also, how to make a big difference in the second forty years of life. From the environmental section, twelve hundred new coal power plants will ensure never being able to stop runaway climate change. And more!

November 20, 2012  

Gary discusses the latest on energy drinks and the five health problems linked to them. Also, relief for postpartum depression. Then, lose weight and live a longer life. New information on GMOs. From the environmental segment, an in-depth report on the cost and consequences of Fukushima. A commentary from Rabbi Michael Lerner on Israel and Gaza: Enough Is Enough.

November 19, 2012  

Gary's latest health and healing and environmental updates, plus a progressive commentary on the Israeli-Gaza conflict with contributions from Chris Hedges and others.

November 16, 2012  

Today Gary addresses why we need to give our children organic produce. Also, a key ingredient that could help cure prostate cancer. Then, an in-depth look at blueberries with new information from Susan Evans. From the science section, a look at the HPV vaccine. From the environmental segment, a look in-depth at jumping jeans. And more!

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