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July 16, 2013  

It's commentary day, with original commentaries by Gary and other authors on stimulating topics, ranging from Haiti's constitution, and the American way of torture, plus study on ADHD drugs. And more!

July 15, 2013  

Today, no guest and lots of commentaries, from Chris Hedges and others. Most americans don't know the Fed's banks are private corporations. Commentary on mental conditioning, and also the NSA. Then, the coming financial crisis in the US. And more!

July 12, 2013  

19 other suspects for enabling the attacks on 911 and reflecting on what should have happened that did not, and what did happen that should not have happened, with Kevin Ryan.

July 11, 2013  

The latest in health, healing, nutrition, and the environment, plus a news update: Big Ag and Big foods secret meeting and efforts to derail GMO labeling movement, with David Murphy.

David Murphy is the founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!, a grassroots movement of more than 250,000 American farmers and citizens dedicated to reforming our food and agriculture. He has been called “the most crucial and politically savvy actor in the on-going efforts to help move American agriculture into the 21st century” as a result of his “Sustainable Dozen” campaign, which resulted in four candidates being placed in high level positions at the USDA.

Previously, he has worked as an environmental and food policy lobbyist and political strategist and is a board member of the Iowa Organic Association.  His website is

July 10, 2013  

Update on MTA city spraying in subway with members of the No Spray Coalition. Also, the renewed government and Big Pharma assault on natural health and supplements, and Paul Offit as the campaign's posterboy, with Scott Tips.

July 9, 2013  

Ehud Sperling is the founder and president of Inner Traditions International, one of the world’s largest publishers of books on spirituality, religion, and alternative health, and one of the true pioneers in alternative publishing starting back in 1975. Inner Traditions has brought to print numerous important voices who otherwise would have fallen into obscurity. In addition, Ehood and his publishing firm have been involved in philanthropic services and environmental projects over the years, including work in the Amazon, India, Costa Rica and elsewhere.

Along with his wife Vatsala, he is co-author of a deeply inspiring, autobiographical book – “For Seven Lifetimes: An East-West Journey to a Spiritually Fulfilling and Sustainable Marriage” that brings together the wisdom of East and West in creating a healthy marriage. His website is

July 8, 2013  

Gary begins with the latest in health and nutrition, environmental concerns, and commentaries on important issues of the day, plus questions from listeners and more!

July 5, 2013  

America as a Dollarocracy and the destruction of our democracy, with Dr. Robert Chesney.

Dr. Robert Chesney is Gutgsell Endowed Professor of communications at the University of Illinois in Urbana. He specializes in the political economy of communication, the history of 20th century media and communication policy. He is the co-founder of Free Press, a national media reform organization and was the host of the weekly radio program “Media Matters” until 2012. He has written extensively on the death of American journalism. He has received many rewards from progressive forums. Utne Reader listed him among the 50 visionaries changing the world in 2008. Right wing pundits have listed him as among America’s most dangerous academics, which is an honor we commend on this program. He has authored over 15 books on communications and the media. His most recent release, co-authored with The Nation journalist John Nichols, is “Dollarocracy: How the Money-Media Election Complex is Destroying America” His website is

He has authored over 15 books on communications and the media. His most recent release, co-authored with The Nation journalist John Nichols, is  “Dollarocracy: How the Money-Media Election Complex is Destroying America”  His website is

July 3, 2013  

Today Gary gives the latest in health and healing, including how to relieve muscle aches from exercise, how to lower breast cancer risk naturally, and the benefits of a weekly yoga class.

From the environmental segment, information about GM crops.

Then, commentary concerning America's way of birth, the costliest but not the best. Also, a Wikileaks volunteer who was a paid informant, and the breakdown of the rule of law. And more!

July 2, 2013  


Subject:  What epigenetics can inform us about relationships and sexuality

Dr. Bruce Lipton is an international authority on the new emerging biology into cellular activity and on the interface between science and spirituality. From 1987 to 1992 he was a researcher at Stanford University School of Medicine. Among his discoveries was identifying a mechanism in cells that function like a brain and the founding of a field of cellular biology known as epigenetics. Dr. Lipton is now recognized as one of the leading voices in the New Biology and Mind-Body Medicine.

His book The Biology of Belief has been a landmark work uniting mind-body and cellular science with spirituality.  His most recent book is “the Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth“, which applies the principles of most recent realizations from epigenetics, molecular biology and quantum physics to understanding the positive and negative psychologies enacted in love and relationships. His website is

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