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November 12, 2013  

Fearless Parenting – breaking away from the mainstream of corporate social parenting…. And the launch of her new radio program on PRN

Louise Habakus is the co-founder and Director of the Center  for Personal Rights – a non profile advocacy organization dedicated to healthy parenting, education, and the protection of vaccination choice as an essential human and civil right. She is the co-founder along with Alison McNeil, daughter of Robert McNeil from PBS’s McNeil-Leher, and others of Nurture Parenting and Fearless Parent, a grassroots community and online media organization to educate parents about holistic parenting for raising healthy children.  The website is


Louise has an MBA from Sanford University and is the co-author “Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children”   Her new radio broadcast – Fearless Parent Radio – will air every Wednesday at 11 am Eastern Time over the Progressive Radio Network starting tomorrow. 

November 11, 2013  

Gary gives the latest on health and healing including a simple way to lengthen life, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and more. Also, the oar fish as a predictor of seismic activity. Then, commentary on the privatization nightmare and the sale of post offices, and new information from a Johns Hopkins scientist slamming the flu vaccine. And more!

November 8, 2013  

Gary gives the latest in health and healing plus environmental issues and commentaries. Then, guest Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a board certified nephrologist and an internist  who has practiced conventional allopathic medicine for 13 years.  She is a founding board member of the International Medical Council on Vaccination, an association of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to counter the messages asserted by vaccine makers, the government and medical community that claim vaccines are effective and harmless.  Her recent book co-authored with Roman Bystrianyk (Biss-trian-ick) is “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History” which provides the most in depth historical review and analysis to date about  vaccine failures during the past 200 plus years and the reasons why vaccines have not been shown to be safe and effective. Her website is and more about her work on vaccine failure can be found at

November 7, 2013  

Today, the corporate state of surveillance by Ralph Nader. Then in the environmental segment, a texas sized island of japanese debris to hit America's coast from the 2011 Tsunami. Plus, a look at suppressed cures for cancer with guest Dr. Mary Maxwell. 

November 6, 2013  

The fallacy of selling happiness through religion and commercial spirituality - why we should strive for contentment, not happiness. With Omid Safi. Omid Safi is an Iranian-American Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he specializes in Islamic mysticism, contemporary Islamic thought and medieval Islamic history.

November 5, 2013  

How our politicians in Congress and the White House legally and illegally extort money, buy votes and personally benefit themselves financially

Peter Schweizer is a conservative author and research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, and the President of the Government Accountability Institute, a non partisan research organization that investigates government cronyism and corruption.  Peter is also a partner of the firm Oval Office Writers which provides speechwriting services to corporate executives and political figures. In 2008 he was a consultant to the White House’s Speechwriting department.


Peter’s articles appear frequently in publications such as Foreign Affairs, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and the National Review. He has written books on presidential administrations and US politics. His latest is “Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Your Votes and Line Their Own Pockets.” His website is


November 4, 2013  

Fukushima Update, climate scientists now pushing for more nuclear power, and action call for global effort to help

Prof. Harvey Wasserman is a professor of history at Columbus State College and Capital University in Ohio.  He is an investigative journalist, author and has been a national voice in the anti-war and anti-nuclear movements for four decades. He is also a senior advisor for Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

Among his many books are “George W Bush vs. the Superpower of Peace” and  most recently  an e-book introduced by Greg Palast  -- “Will the GOP Steal America’s 2012 Elections”

Harvey can also be heard every Monday afternoon at 3 pm Eastern as host of “Green Power and Wellness” on the Progressive Radio Network.

November 1, 2013  

Looking at the effects of wheat, gluten, carbs on the brain

Dr. David Perlmutter is a board certified neurologist and a pioneer in the research of diets affects upon brain chemistry and human behavior.  He is the president of Perlmutter Health Center in Naples Florida.  He was the co-founder of the Perlmutter Brain Foundation and a is a fellow at the American Academy of Nutirition.  Dr Perlmutter has received numerous awards including the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American College of Nutrition and the Linus Pauling Award.  


He is the author of several very important works in alternative health and his most recent is “Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs and Sugar—Your Brain’s Silent Killers”   His website is

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