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December 13, 2013  

What the traditional medical system of the father of western medicine, the Arab physician Avicenna offers to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease with Drs. Hakima Amri and Mones Abu-Asab.

Dr. Hakima Amri (Hah-keema Ahm-ree) is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology at Georgetown University in Washington DC. She is the co-founder and co-director of the university’s master’s program in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Born and raised in Algeria, Dr. Ahm-ree received her masters and doctorate in reproductive biology and biochemistry at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, and received post-doctoral training in molecular endocrinology at Georgetown University Medical Center. Her peer-reviewed medical papers have focused on mind-body medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and the importance and contribution of complementary medicine in medical school curiculums.

Dr. Mones Abu-Asab (Moan-ess Aboo-Ahs-saab) is a senior scientist at the National Institutes of Health National Eye Institute where he specializes in phylogenetic systematics, bioinformatics, and nerve pathology. In the past he has performed research at the National Cancer Institute, George Washington University, Walter Reed, and the Smithsonian Institute, and he has taught at Beirzeit University in the Palestinian West Bank. In addition to his many publications on disease modeling, biomarker discovery and tumor biology, Dr. Abu-Asab has also written on traditional medical systems and global warming.

Both Hah-keema and Moan-nes are co-authors and translators of a new modern edition the first book of the important medical canon by the 11th century Arab physician Avicenna. Avicenna’s canon has served as the basis for an entire traditional medical system that has been practiced for over a 1000 years, known as Unani, which is regarded by many scholars as the single most important medical treatise in western civilization along with the works of Hippocrates and Galen. While most people interested in alternative medicine have heard of Chinese and the Indian Ayruveda traditional medical systems, few are familiar with the vital advances in traditional medicine and healing that took place in the Arab world and which continues to offer important and profound insights into preventing, diagnosing and treating disease. Their book, “Avicenna’s Medicine: A New Translation of the 11th Century Canon with Practical Applications for Integrative Health Care” was recently published by Inner Traditions.

December 12, 2013  

On today's show, the latest in health and healing including what happens when you take antacids, new information on healthy pregnancy, and benefits of pomegranate. Then, poverty's impact on brain development. Also, inequality in poverty on the rise in New Jersey, the number of homeless students increasing, and the 12 most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. Then, how deadly are medical errors? Plus, meat is destroying the world and how we are becoming more of a police state. And more!

December 11, 2013  

The threats of Obama’s secret trans pacific partnership trade agreement to food and agriculture with Mitch Jones.

Mitch Jones is the Director of the Common Resources Program at Food and Water Watch, a Washington advocacy organization dedicated to assuring affordable wholesome food and clean water to meet basic human needs. Mitch focuses on the organizations campaigns on food and nutrient trading regimes, water markets and municipal infrastructure, and fish management programs and aquaculture. In the past he has worked for United Food and Commercial Workers International Union dealing with food safety. He has degrees from the University of Illinois and St. John’s College in New Mexico. Food and Water Watch’s website is

December 10, 2013  

Today, caffeine and what it does to shorten lifespan. Also how exercise can lengthen lifespan. In the environmental segment, researchers linking earthquakes to fracking. Also a special look into the Trans Pacific Partnership, and the Atlantic Treaty. And much more … 

December 9, 2013  

News update and call to action:  NYC Health Board vote tomorrow to rule on mandatory flu and pneumo vaccines to all daycare and preschoolers

John Gilmore is the Executive Director of the Autism Action Network, a national, grassroots, non-profit advocacy organization that works on issues that affect the autism community including special education, access to healthcare, vaccine rights, research and services for the disabled. He is currently engaged in public opposition to a ruling being pushed through the New York City Health Board by Mayor Bloomberg that would mandate the flu and pneumococcal vaccines for all of the city pre-schoolers and daycare children.

John is also the father of a vaccine-injured 13 year-old son diagnosed with autism. More information can be found at

Here are the items John says that people can do to stop this proposal:

Come to City hall by noon tomorrow, bring friends, family, and signs.

Call Mayor-Elect bill de Blasio at (212) 669-7200 and ask him to stop the measure.

Call Your City Council member and ask them to stop this proposal.

December 6, 2013  

Today, how a particular superfood helps your brain, help for PTSD patients, and how it costs less to eat healthy. From the environmental segment, what will a global increase in temperature of 2 degrees centigrade will do to the world. And more!

December 5, 2013  

American masculinity and the world of angry white men

Prof. Michael Kimmel is the distinguished professor of sociology at Stony Brook University and founder of the academic journal Men and Masculinities.  He is highly regarded as America’s leading expert in men’s studies and has written extensively on the masculine roles behind globalization, the political right, social extremism, anti-feminism and male abuse of women. 


Prof. Kimmel holds advanced degrees from Brown University and the University of California at Berkeley, and was previously awarded best professor on campus while teaching at Berkeley. His most recent book is “Angry White Men: American Masculinity and the End of an Era” that delves into the source and cause of masculine anger being expressed in right wing contingents, the men’s rights movement, major hate media talking heads, and school shootings.

December 4, 2013  

Dr. Peter Gotzsche is a specialist in internal medicine and a co-founder of The Cochrane Collaboration, which was started in 1993. He also established the Nordic Cochrane Center at the University of Copenhagen where he is now its chief physician and researcher and a professor of clinical research design and analysis.  Dr. Gotzsche has become an international critic of mammography screening and has written extensively on it being scientifically unjustified in peer reviewed literature. In Europe, he is a leading advocate for clinical data transparency within the private and government establishment, and is a voice demanding priority for patient welfare over commercial drug interests.

In addition to his book exposing the lies behind mammography screening, his most recent release is “Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare”, one of the most harsh indictments against the Drug industry for selling lies about drugs rather medically proven treatments and cures.

December 3, 2013  

Breaking away from the Wall Street investment trap and creating a resilient community and personal life in the local community economy models

Michael Shuman is one of world’s leading thought leaders and visionaries on sustainable and local community economies. He is the director of research for Cutting Edge Capital and the director of economic development at the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. He is also a fellow at the Post Carbon Institute.  Michael crosses the country to help develop and guide community-based economic efforts that encourage investment at the local level and outside of Wall Street.

He has degrees in economics and international relations from Stanford University and a JD from Stanford Law School. Michael has published 7 books, his latest is “Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity.” His website is

December 2, 2013  

Today, the nutrient supplement that delays HIV progression, also high salt levels in common medicine, and watercress helping to block breast cancer cell growth. From the environmental segment, a look at the ticking time bomb that could cause rapid global warming. Also, trans gene escape: GMOs spreading uncontrollably. Then, the pro-fracking spin on public radio. 

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