The Gary Null Show - Gandhi Part 2 - 01/30/14

Commemorating the work of Mahatma Gandhi on the 66th anniversary of his assassination on January 30, 1948

Tushar Gandhi is the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, regarded as the father of Indian nationalism and most renowned voice for non-violent activism for bringing about peaceful, democratic social change.  Tushar is a social and peace activist, an artist and author. He runs the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation in Mumbai, which is dedicated to spreading Gandhian values and principles to address the challenges and threats facing humanity and our contemporary world and whose president is film director Lord Attenborough. He is also the chairman for the Austalian-Indian Rural Development Foundation, is involved in projects to prevent child trafficking, and is an ambassador of an intergovernmental institution to promote the use of micro-algae spirulina as a nutritional source to fight malnutrition.

Tushar is the author of “Lets Kill Gandhi: A Chronicle of His Last Days, the Conspiracy, Murder, Investigation and Trial.”

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