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July 31, 2014  

The continual rise in police violence and brutality against American citizens – towards what ultimate end?

John Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights fo the the persecuted and oppressed. In 1982 he founded The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. John gained international renown for his role as co-counsel in Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. He has filed numerous amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court and has been co-counsel in several landmark Supreme Court cases as well. 

John has been the subject of many newspaper, magazine and television profiles, ranging from Gentleman's Quarterly to CBS' 60 Minutes.  His most recent book is “In the Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State”.  And his website is

July 30, 2014  

Today, Gary gives you the latest in health and healing, including Vitamin A, foods to fight cold, junk food and impaired memory, dark chocolate, strawberries, and heart health.

Plus, commentary from Professor Bill Quigley on the Veterans of American wars. Also, how the cops are tracking you with cell phone location data. 

And more!

July 29, 2014  

Environmental crisis and preparedness with Guy McPherson and Matt Stein. Also America’s Faux democracy exported to the world and its quest for global domination, with William Blum.

July 28, 2014  

Today, Gary gives you the latest in health and healing, including the true history of Dole, curcumin and cancer, sprouted garlic benefits, and can you really die from a broken heart? In the environmental segment, half of Britain to be opened up to fracking - and a lot more!

July 25, 2014  

The corruption and failure of America’s Foster Care and Child Welfare System

Joachim Hagopian has been a practicing clinical psychologist and marriage counselor practicing in California for over 25 years, with an emphasis on disadvantaged youth and the child welfare system. For years he has worked with child abuse victims and learning disabilities in diverse settings including residential homes and outpatient clinics.

From a Congressional appointment, Joachim attended the US Military Academy at West Point through a Congressional appointment in the late 1960s.  After clashing with the system he was railroaded out at the end of his third year. This resulted in Joachim filing charges against the academy with failure to allow due process and he won the case in a New York federal district court. This case set the precedent that continues today for cadets the right to present their case and witness before the academy.  He eventually completed his education at West Point and served as an officer – many of his classmates now being top high ranking officers in the Department of Defense. Joachim’s story is retold in his manuscript book “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.”  In addition he writes on issues about geopolitics, national security and international relations for Global Research, many which have been featured on the Public Radio Network and Boiling Frogs. His articles can be found at under Hagopian, and his West Point book at



July 24, 2014  

Unraveling the confusion and propaganda over the downing of Malaysian airline MH17

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is one of today’s most progressive political and economic writers and commentators on the state of the nation:  governmental dysfunction, political corruption, global and domestic economic threats, the war on terror, Wall Street, and the decline in human values in American society.   He was the chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and a former Assistant Secretary of Treasury during Reagan’s first term.  During his academic career he has taught at many universities and held the William Simon Chair in Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University.


Dr. Roberts’ blog can be found at and he is a frequent contributor to Global Research, The Trends Journal, Counterpunch, and others.  He was an associate editor at the Wall Street Journal and has published many books and articles during the past 40 years, his latest entitled  “How America Was Lost: From 911 to the Police/Warfare State”  His website is


July 24, 2014  

The latest in health and healing with Gary, including health benefits of Quinoa, plus Vitamin E and C safety, and Vitamin B12 boosting hepatitis treatment. Plus, university presidents salary Vs. college graduates working jobs that don't require a degree. And more!

July 22, 2014  

Today Gary gives you the latest in health and healing including seven herbs to enhance happiness, dietary fiber and cancer growth, gut microbes, and fresh avocado for healthy living. From the environmental segment, two million animals slaughtered each year in the US by the federal wildlife program - why? And more!

July 21, 2014  

Today Gary gives you the latest in health and healing including prevention of oral cancer, cola bad to the bones, soaking potatoes cuts a suspected carcinogen, and lowering risk of diabetes. From the environmental segment, megadrought, and a nuclear waste dump on the shore of the Great Lakes. From the public health segment, addressing praise of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And more!

July 18, 2014  

The recent Israeli assault on north Gaza and Washington’s silence to enable Netanyahu to proceed with Israeli military aggression

Max Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist, a senior writer for and blogger in Washington DC whose articles and video documentaries have appeared in the New York Times, The Nation, Huffington Post, and al-Jazeera. He is a former senior writer for The Daily Beast, and a writing fellow for the Nation Institute.  His writings have focused upon the religious right in the United states and Republican party and the crisis between Israel and Palestine and US policies favoring the Netanyahu regime.  His video journalism posted on Youtube and across the internet have reached sensational proportions.  Max’s latest book published in 2013, “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel” receive widespread media attention as one of the most important recent investigations exposing the racism and hatred among pro-government Israelis towards Palestinians and those who support Palestinian peace, and how US tax dollars and political support pays for the Israeli radical militant sentiments plaguing the country .

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