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November 28, 2014  

The nine spices that decrease your triglycerides, one nutrient that can stand against most disease, mindfulness treatment as effective as medication for depression, how our environment damages our DNA, multiple sclerosis in france connected to vaccine, and more. 

November 27, 2014  

ronnie-cumminsFor Thanksgiving Day as always the latest in health, nutrition and healing, and ways to live a healthier, longer life. Plus, an interview with Ronnie Cummins, author of "Genetically Engineered Foods: A Self Defense Guide for Consumers," on recent wins and losses in the fight against Big Ag, and where we go from here. Then, special testimonials from a group of people who have improved their health and quality of life with the help of Gary and his associates. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

November 26, 2014  

Today, compounds in celery that can destroy lung cancer cells, natural remedies for kidney stones, being overweight can trigger autoimmune disease, the power of meditation, and olive leaf extract for diabetes. 

Then, the double standards on bank crimes, toxic chemicals in everyday products, a commentary from Ralph Nader. And more!

November 25, 2014  

Keystone pipeline – why to reject it…. Perhaps a conversation one what patriotism really means today in US

We have as our guest today one of the nation’s more colorful political and social voices in the progressive community – Jesse Ventura.   He was a Navy Seal during the latter phase of the Vietnam War, followed by a career in the World Wrestling Federation, a national sportscaster followed by a career in politics. In the early 1990s, Jesse began his political career, first as mayor of Brooklyn Park in Minnesota and later being elected as the state’s governor from 1998 to 2002.  Jesse has been an ardent supporter of Main Street Americans and a leading critic against executive and legislative policies that are leading the US into becoming police surveillance state.  In 2011 he filed a lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration or TSA for illegal searches.

In addition to his books on proven, documented American conspiracies and calling out the political duopoly ruling Washington, Jesse is the host of Off the Grid on the new internet TV network  Ora TV, which can be viewed Tuesday thru Friday at or on Youtube.  He is also the host of a new podacast – We the People with Jesse Ventura, airing every Thursday on ITunes and PodcastOne

November 24, 2014  

Today, living a longer and healthier life - eight facts about bovine growth hormone you may not be aware of. Senior citizens who jog regularly can walk as efficiently as 20-year-olds. Random acts of kindness can change your brain chemistry! And the benefits of buckwheat flower. 

Then, cashing in on the ISIS crisis - the military industrial complex is making a killing. And, US ranked down in personal freedoms.

November 21, 2014  

Natural pain relievers, cancer therapy they're not allowing you to know about, what to do about hot flashes, and 12 herbs that will reduce your dependence on cholesterol drugs. Plus, why are medical mistakes a leading cause of death. Also, 51st Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK – November 22, 1963 – New evidence about the missing and doctored Zapruder film with Robert Morningstar.

November 20, 2014  

Dr. Larry Decker is a clinical psychologist in Southern California who has specialized in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and combat trauma having counseled war veterans for 34 years. Earlier he was a clinical supervisor with the Department of Veterans Affairs Readjustment Counseling Service or Vet Center.  Dr. Decker has been a tenured professor at California State University and holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of Arizona.  He has authored papers on the treatment of trauma from a spiritual perspective for the Journal of Humanistic Psychology and conducts workshops on treating war trauma.  Larry’s most recent book is “The Alchemy of Combat: A Guide for Therapists, Family, Friends Loved Ones and Others Who Care” which undertakes a spiritual perspective in treating combat-related disorders based upon his decades of counseling veterans and his spiritual background in Sufism since 1973.


November 19, 2014  

Today, fish and nuts and other foods that can ease joint pain, beet root for athletes, bad news about sunscreen, essential oils to prevent bites, and the baby boomers explosive costs because of Alzheimer's related conditions. Big Pharma and deadly anti-cancer drugs. Also, more than 300 a year: the devastating impact of pipeline spills. 

November 17, 2014  

Why walnuts are so important in the diet, cannabis oil's impact on brain cancer, high fat diets delay aging, and meditation growing your brain in just eight weeks. 

Psychiatric interventions which are supposed to protect people actually increase suicide risk. Also, if you want to feed the homeless, be prepared to pay the government for the privilege. A study that shows American democracy no longer exists. And more.

November 14, 2014  

Spirituality in recovery from illness, how a low DHEA level will cause heart disease, new research on basil, a fatty acid that decreases brain cell death, meditation linked to benefits for breast cancer survivors, and a lot more. 

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