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January 15, 2015  

The new 114th congress and a look at the big challenges facing the nation – foreign policy, defense, and energy

Representative Alan Grayson is a member of the House of Representatives from Florida’s 9th Congressional district and one of the few remaining authentic progressive voices in Congress.  He has been Congress’ most fierce critic of private contractor fraud in Iraq and the Federal Reserve. He is also an outspoken supporter for a public Medicare program for all citizens.  Rep. Grayson has the honor of passing more amendments than any of his peers in Congress and was voted by Slate as the most effective member our legislative body.   He current sits on the Committee on Foreign Affairs and its subcommittees on the Middle East, South Asia and the Western Hemisphere, and on the Energy and Environment subcommittees of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology.  Rep. Grayson has degrees from Harvard University, Harvard Law School and the John F Kennedy School of Government. His website is Grayson.House.Gov

January 15, 2015  

Exclusive interviews and conversations with John Whitehead, Chris Hedges, Glen Ford, William Binney and Norman Pollack on America as a post-modern fascist Police State. Hosted by Gary Null with Michael G. Haskins and Kathryn Davis. 

January 14, 2015  

Can Civilization survive the fossil fuel crisis --- the moral and spiritual issues humans must face for humanity to survive

January 13, 2015  

What impact will low price oil have upon the US economy

Gail Tvererg is an internationally recognized expert and analyst on the economics of energy, peak oil and oil shortages, and the impact of the energy industry on national economies.  She runs the blog Our Finite World and is a frequent contributor to the site Oil Drum and her articles appear on Zero Hedge, Business Insider, the Energy Collective, Oil Price and other news and commentary sources. Gail has spoken at conferences, universities and actuarial groups throughout the world.  She has a master in mathematics from the University of Illinois and she is a fellow at the Casualty Actuarial Society and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.  Her website is

January 12, 2015  

Today in health and healing, why micro greens should be part of your daily diet, how onions can control obesity and blood pressure, olive leaf combats heart trouble, and could a hug a day be as good as an apple a day?

In the environmental segment, oceanographers warn about methane levels. 

And more!

January 9, 2015  

The US’s drive for geopolitical and corporate hegemony through Ukraine with Stephen Lendman.

January 8, 2015  

The new emerging field of contemplative studies – and the a further conversation on defining and understanding spirituality today

Prof. Harold Roth is a professor or Religious Studies and East Asian Studies at Brown University in Providence RI and is a pioneer in the academic field of Contemplative Studies.  At Brown, he is also the Director of the Contemplative Studies Initiative, the first university concentration program in this new and emerging field that now has curricular departments and programs at other universities including Emory, the Universities of Virginia and Michigan, Rice, NYU and others.  Prof Roth is a specialist in Classical Chinese religion, philosophy and classical Taoism.  He has written and published extensively in many academic journals in the US and overseas.  He holds degrees from Princeton and McMaster Universities and a doctorate from the University of Toronto.  He is currently working o a volume that details and outlines the theory and practice of what he calls Integrative Contemplative Pedagogy.
January 7, 2015  

The emergence of a new and more sophisticated structure of power and corruption undermining our democracy and infiltrating every level of society, with Janine Wedel. 

January 6, 2015  

The demise of journalism and the need for Wisdom Journalism to better inform the public

Prof. Mitchell Stephens is a professor at the Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute at New York University where he teaches journalism and cultural reporting and criticism. He has written extensively on the history and development of journalism. His book “History of News” was the New York Times “Notable Book of the Year.”  In addition to writing numerous articles on the media, contemporary  reporting and broadcasting, and the challenges of traditional journalism due to the internet, which have appeared in major publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post and the Columbia Journalism Review, Prof. Stephens has written several textbooks on reporting news stories.  In more recent years, his attention has been on the need for a new expression of journalism and news reporting, which he calls “Wisdom Journalism” – a form of interpretive journalism that not only reports the facts but gives the news contextual meaning and news potential consequences are larger issues.  His most recent book is “Beyond News: the Future of Journalism” (Columbia University Press)

January 5, 2015  

An empowering hour with your best new information on health and healing, plus incisive commentary from Gary on the most important political, environmental, and social issues. 

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