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May 13, 2015  

Dr. Jill Stein is a medical physician of internal medicine and a pioneer in advocating environmental health issues in Massachusetts. Is currently the exploratory presidential candidate for the Green Party; many may remember her having been arrested for not being permitted attendance to an Obama-Romney debate and then later her arrest for supporting protestors -- bringing food and Halloween candy -- against the Keystone pipeline in Texas. During her presidential run in 2012, she was endorsed by Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges and received enough votes making her the most successful woman presidential candidate in US history.


Dr. Stein is a Harvard magna cum laude and received her doctorate from Harvard Medical School. Over the years she has been active in Massachusetts campaigns to better protect women and children from toxic pollution that has been associated with earning disabilities.  She is also on the national board of directors of the organization Physicians for Social Responsibility favoring a national universal healthcare program and has won awards for her public health efforts in clean water policies and children’s health. In 2003 Jill founded the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities to support local green economies, grassroots democracy and various health care agendas. 

May 11, 2015  

How the rise of GMOs was based on subverting science and on deceiving the public

Steven Druker is a public interest attorney and founder of the Alliance for Bio-Integrity – a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of human and environmental health through sustainable and safe technologies.  Steven was the initiator of a lawsuit against the FDA over the approval of GMOs in violation of federal safety codes. Although the case was lost, it nevertheless resulted in the release of 10s of 1000s of pages from the FDA files proving illegal wrongdoing in favor of the biotech industry and Monsanto.  Steven is now international speaker on consumer interests and protections, especially against GMO and its biotechnology and meets with government heads worldwide to warn of food safety threats.  He is the author of “Altered Genes , Twisted Truth” which details the lawsuit over GMOs and reveals the critical issues from the damaging documentation he received during the legal proceedings.  His website is 

May 8, 2015  


A deeper look at the Islamic State’s mission at nation-building and the creation of a postmodern Caliphate in the 21st century

Dr. Loretta Napoleoni is an expert on terrorist financing and money laundering and has advised governments and international organizations on counterterrorism.  She is current Chairwoman for the Club de Madrid which brought heads of state together to create strategies to combat terrorist financing.  She has a masters in philosophy and a doctorate in economics and was a Fulbright scholar at John’s Hopkins school of international studies.  Her articles and columns have appeared in many publications including El Pais, the Guardian and Le Monde, and has written many books dealing with the economics behind terrorism.  Her most recent book is “The Islamist Phoenix: The Islamic State and the Redrawing of the Middle East” which presents a picture of the Islamic State and its long term vision that is being ignored by mainstream US media.  Her website is


May 7, 2015  

The  failures of organic consumer organizations and the new pathogenic organism associated with GMO agriculture that may be related to Sudden Death Syndrome

Annie Griffin is an environmental and social activist, and has been a producer and radio and TV host in Monterrey California since 1994. She currently produces the weekly Meet America TV series which airs on cable networks in Monterey, Santa Barbara and Spokane.  The program received the Edward Kennedy Award for Free Speech and focuses on stories of the US government’s criminal activities. Annie is an activist promoting the organic food industry. She was recently diagnosed through laboratory genetic testing with Sudden Death Syndrome linked to GMO contamination although she lives on almost a complete organic diet. The question she faced was how organic is organic and this has been a primary focus of her investigations.  Her website is

May 6, 2015  

The season of demonstrations and growing violence Baltimore as only an incident of a much larger, systemic national dysfunction, with Chris Hedges.

Chris Hedges is one of our nations most insightful cultural critics, social and political activists and investigative journalists. For almost 20 years he was a foreign correspondent in war zones and conflicts in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, having reported for The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and other news outlets. While at the Times, Chris received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on global terrorism. That same year he received Amnesty Internationals Global Award for Human Rights Journalism. Over the years he has taught at Columbia, Princeton, NYU and the University of Toronto.

Chris has authored many bestselling books. Next week, a new one will be released entitled Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Inperative of Revolt, a philosophical, historical and timely exploration into the causes and clarion call for a new revolution against a repressive political and corporate hegemony. Chris weekly column can also be read every Monday

May 5, 2015  

As always Gary gives us good news on the latest in health and healing, plus environmental content and an incisive commentary about Imperialism and accountability through history. Then, 

A look at population migration trends in North America and the future due to climate change and declines in essential resources, with Dr. Giles Slade. 

Dr. Giles Slade is a Canadian journalist, environmental activist, social critic and a self-described recovering academic. He holds a doctorate in cultural history from the University of Southern California and has taught in colleges and universities internationally, including Asia and the Persian Gulf.   His early book “Made to Break: Technology and Obsolesence in America,” which described the corporate incentive to manufacture technology designed to break quickly in order to increase consumerism, received the International Publisher’s Gold Medial for best Environment Book in 2007 and was the basis for the documentary film The Light Bulb Conspiracy” His most recent publication is “American Exodus: Climate Change and the Coming Flight for Survival” which presents a history of past population migrations due to climate change and looks at how migration patterns are now underway in North America and will increase in the future. His website is

May 4, 2015  

Today, vitamin B12 deficiency in children, a treatable cause of neurodevelopment delay. Just an hour day of TV watching creates unhealthy weight gain in children. Fish liver oil, when younger, can produce a healthier heart when you’re older. Replacing one sugary drink per day with water cuts diabetes risk. From the environmental segment, faster melting of the antarctic ice sheet. Plus, government now plans on targeting pregnant women for vaccinations. And more.

May 1, 2015  

What will our society look like as it is forced to migrate away from fossil fuels and confront more serious climate change and dwindling resources? With Richard Heinberg.

Plus, the many benefits of vinegar, prevention abilities of physical activity, and information from Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren.

Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world’s experts in peak oil, its repercussions on the world economy, food and transportation, and the need to transition away from fossil fuels and create a more sustainable future. He is currently the Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute.  He was featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s film “The Eleventh Hour” and frequently appears on major media networks to address our fossil fuel based culture and the future of climate change.  Richard is the author of over ten books on oil depletion, energy economics, climate change and ecological issues.  His most recent is “Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels”.  His websites are  AND

May 1, 2015  

KSCO (Santa Cruz) debate and interview with Gary Null on Vaccination.

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