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June 16, 2015  

Gary gives us the latest health and healing plus other environmental and social news. Also, 

Identifying the principles of a new spiritual democratic ideal that is emerging in the US and globally, with Dr. Steven Herrmann

Dr. Steven Herrmann is a Jungian psychotherapist, family counsellor and a historian of American history and spirituality with a private practice in Oakland California. He has taught on the literary criticism and the psychological spirituality of American poets such as Walt Whitman and Herman Melville – who he is regarded as an international authority about -- at the CG Jung institutes in San Francisco, Chicago and Zurich Switzerland. He has also taught at the Universities of California at Berkeley and Santa Cruz and lectures widely on other campuses.  His most recent book is “Spiritual Democracy: The Wisdom of  Early American Visionaries for the Journey Forward” and his website is

June 15, 2015  

Today in health and healing, what happens when you don't get a good nights sleep, and live a longer life with more berries and vegetables. In the environmental segment, how rich Californians balk at water limits. 

Corruption at the CDC regarding vaccine adverse effects – Colleen Boyle, with Dr. Brian Hooker.

Dr. Brian Hooker is an Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University in California, and a senior consultant for ARES Corporation, specializing in environmental restoration design.  As a bioengineer, Dr. Hooker spent 16 as a team leader for the Dept of Energy’s Genomes to Life Center for Molecular and Cellular Systems at its Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he investigated gene-protein networks, cell signaling and cellular metabolic pathways.  He is a prominent leader in the organization Focus Autism, which is investigating the scientific evidence for a vaccine-autism connection. Brian has a 16 year old son with autism and has been active in autism community for almost a decade, including researching and analyzing data on the association between vaccines and autism. Over the years Brian has filed many FOIAs with federal health agencies and has received 1000s of pages of documents that support the need to question the efficacy and safety of vaccination.  He has been the point independent researcher in the recent whistleblower case with Dr. Thompson from the CDC regarding vaccine dangers. His website is

June 12, 2015  

Garlic helping high blood pressure, nuts and seeds protecting against causes of death, and can mistletoe treat cancer? Then, California's drought could upend America's food system. Why a thumbs-up from Congress for the TPP is a bad idea. And much more!

June 11, 2015  

The latest on health and healing - so many women in America are dealing with menopause in a more natural way, more insights. A new study about brain inflammation triggers, and what model we can use to treat people without loss of memory. The role of estrogen in cervical cancer. From the environmental segment, California is sinking, and it's getting worse, and why it matters. And more!

June 10, 2015  

Flax seed can improve your blood pressure, and more diet tips to live a longer life. How the government is using secrecy as a weapon, and how America invites terrorism. Then:

HPV Vaccine – the single shot – why?  What is actually going on with the HPV vaccine? With Norma Erickson. 

Norma Erickson is the president of SaneVax, a science based organization that advocates for the safety, effectiveness and affordability of vaccines in order for families and their children to make informed decisions on whether or not to vaccinate.  She is a former writer and business consultant, and her organization is widely regarded as the primary source for information regarding HPV vaccine safety, efficacy and international news.  Her website is

June 9, 2015  

Lots of good information on living a long, happy, conscious, and productive life from Gary today. Addressing Jane Brody's column in the NY Times on the subject of GMOs, with scholar-in-residence Richard Gale. From Ralph Nader, 10 reasons the TPP is not a progressive trade agreement. A different perspective on drone welfare. And more!

June 8, 2015  

More on issues that make a difference in our lives. Ways of living longer, the EPA study showing fracking does pollute drinking water, views on Monsanto and GMOs, and more.

June 5, 2015  

Gary starts off with the latest in health and healing, including vitamin C's effects on cancer, and being depressed is the new "in" thing? Plus, materialism makes bad events even worse. Modern exercise helps to prevent diabetes. Plus an extended archival interview with Aldous Huxley.

June 4, 2015  

The latest on health and healing, plus environmental news and commentary from Gary Null. Plus an extended exploration of the dangers of aluminum, and more. 

June 3, 2015  

As always, Gary gives us new information on health and healing. The latest on vaccines - new information on toxicology. We thought the Bush administration were the first to talk about WMD in Iraq - we’ll hear the truth today. Privatization has been a colossal flop, and part of Antarctica has been thawing unusually fast. And much more.

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