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March 16, 2016  

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world, takes calls from the audience and plays two great You Tube video clip as well.

Here are the two You Tube Clip:


TITLE: Rigged USA Elections Exposed

DESCRIPTION: Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, currently US Representative representing MY district ) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.


TITLE: Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth - Pharma doesn't want to cure you

DESCRIPTION: Ex pharma Rep speaks out about Pharma and their real motivations and lack there of to cure , heal and care for you or your best interests. Only to cure the space in their pockets not yet filled with your cash.

March 15, 2016  

Prof. Joseph Hickman is an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University School of Law and a senior research fellow at its Center for Policy and Research. Joe is also a former Marine and army sergeant who has worked on a variety of sensitive operations worldwide, including security at Guantanamo prison in Cuba. His revelations about the abuse of prisoners at the facility resulted in his award winning story in Harper’s magazine and his book “Murder at Camp Delta.”  Prof. Hickman’s most recent book “The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers” investigates the Department of Defense’s and its private contractors’ negligence and subsequent denial about the human health and environmental dangers of “burn pits” in Afghanistan and Iraq, which exposed tens of 1000s of soldiers to life threatening toxins. The book has been banned by the Defense Department, and Joe is donating his royalties to the non-profit advocacy organization,,  that is fighting on behalf of 1000s of soldiers suffering from a wide range of diseases, including autoimmune disorders, untreatable respiratory illnesses, and a variety of cancers due to burn pit exposure.

Here is the clip Gary Played:


TITLE: SCREENAGERS Growing up in the digital age—is it time for a reboot? (Trailer)

DESCRIPTION: Are you watching your KIDS SCROLL through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and SIX SECOND ATTENTION SPAN? In this frank and slightly frightening film, physician Delaney Ruston takes a hard look at how screen time THREATENS TO WARP THE SELF-IMAGE and self-control of our teenagers. She became interested in these questions when her preteen daughter started begging for a smart phone. As with her award-winning documentaries on mental health, Ruston takes a deeply personal approach, probing into the vulnerable corners of family life, including her own. These stories depict the messy STRUGGLES OVER SOCIAL MEDIA, video GAMES, academics and internet ADDICTION revealing universal truths about the modern quest for a sense of belonging and accomplishment that is all too often sought online. SCREENAGERS also takes an entertaining look at the role parents play in modeling GOOD TECH behavior. It uncovers surprising insights from authors, PSYCHOLOGISTS, and brain SCIENTISTS about the impact of screen time on developing minds. This long overdue film offers SOLUTIONS for how we can EMPOWER our kids to best navigate the DIGITAL WORLD-- the biggest PARENTING issue of our time.

March 14, 2016  

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world, Takes calls from the audience and plays two great You Tube video clips as well.

Here are the 2 clips:


TITLE: Maya Angelou - Rainbow In The Clouds

DESCRIPTION: Just trying to make this inspiring message available to as many people as possible.


TITLE: Americans Don’t Know Who Washington D.C. is Named After!!!

DESCRIPTION: What historical figure is the city of Washington D.C. named after? That SHOULD be common sense, right? Well, not anymore. Media analyst Mark Dice asks random beachgoers in San Diego who our nation's Capital is named after and you'll see their answers are sad and shocking. Many Americans are getting dumber by the day. You better wake up before it's too late. © 2016 by Mark Dice

March 11, 2016  

Roberto Lovato is an independent investigative journalist specializing in Latin American geopolitics, internal conflicts and border wars, asylum seekers and the US incarceration of immigrants, the war on drugs and climate change. He is a former research associate at the Center for Latino Policy Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, and a co-founder of the Latino online advocacy organization  Earlier he was the executive director of the nation’s largest immigrant rights organization, Central American Resource Center and actively supported refugees and displaced communities during wartime El Salvador. He was also targeted for his efforts. Roberto's research into post-Katrina migrant exploitation led to a congressional investigation. He is frequent contributor to The Nation, and his work appears in numerous publications including The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Der Spiegel, American Prospect, Mother Jones, Salon and others. He also frequently appears networks such as MSNBC, BBC, CNN, NPR and al-Jazeera.  His websites are and

March 10, 2016  

Alexis Baden-Mayer is a Washington-based lawyer and activist serving as the Political Director of the Organic Consumers Organization and its Fund. She is the co-editor with the Organic Consumers Organization’s director Ronnie Cummins of its newsletter Organic Bytes, which reaches nearly 300,000 subscribers. Alexis has organized many grassroots campaigns, including Millions Against Monsanto, Coming Clean (to remove false “organic” claims from cosmetics), Safeguard Organic Standards (to keep USDA organic standards high), USDA Watch (to close the revolving door between federal regulatory agencies and the biotech lobby), and Organic Transitions (to shift from climate-destabilizing industrial food production to carbon-sequestering sustainable agriculture).  Before joining OCA, Alexis was the Government Relations Director for Vote Hemp, the National Field Director for the Marijuana Policy Project, and a lobbyist for a coalition to restore federal loan access to students with drug convictions.  Her organization’s main website is

March 9, 2016  

Gerald Celente is one of today’s pioneers in trend strategy. He founded the Trends Research Institute in Kingston NY and is the publisher of the Trends Journal that has been published since 1980. He has since become one of the nation’s most sought after diagnosticians and forecasters.   He is also the founder of Trends TV and a co-creator of the Occupy Peace movement. Gerald is the host of – “Trends This Week” -- on the Progressive Radio Network every Wednesday at 11 am Eastern time, just before my Noon broadcast  More information can be found on the websites and

March 8, 2016  

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world and takes call about drug use and homelessness.

March 7, 2016  

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world and plays a great You Tube video clip as well.

Here is the clip:


TITLE: Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure

DESCRIPTION: The war against drugs has been a terrible disaster for everybody involved. Why? And can we do something differently?

Check out the Stop The Harm campaign:

Nixon on the war on drugs:

The Balloon Effect explained:

The Economics Behind War on Drugs:

Black Kids get more often arrested for drug offenses: &

World Drug Report:

Global supply of drugs:

Four pillars drug strategy:

March 4, 2016  

Dr. Jim Garrison is the founding President of Ubiquity University and the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, an international school of higher education built upon innovative principles of whole brain and whole system learning. The university operates on four continents with partners in the EU, India, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Vietnam and others. As the co-founder and President of the Gorbachev Foundation, Jim was instrumental in the founding of the State of the World Forum  to lay a template for a  more sustainable global civilization.  In the late 80s he served as the executive director of the Esalen Institute Soviet-American Exchange, and founded the International Foreign Policy Association in collaboration with Secretary of State George Schultz and Georgian President Edward Shevardnadze to provide humanitarian relief to children in former Soviet republics.  Jim has graduate degrees in religion and theology from Harvard and Cambridge universities. His websites are and

John Perkins, primarily through the 1970s and 1980s, was an economic hit man (EHM), a job to convince leaders of developing nations to accept economic conditions that benefit US private and government interests. He was a direct participant or witness to such dramatic modern events as the Saudi Arabian Money Laundering scandal, the fall of the Shah of Iran, the assassinations of Eucador’s and Panama’s  democratically elected presidents, and other government and corporate intrigues. John was a chief economist for a large international consulting firm advising the World Bank and IMF, the UN, Fortune 500 companies and many national governments. Since leaving his covert activities, John been a champion of indigenous spiritual cultures and environmental movements through his non profit projects Dream Change and the Pachamama Alliance. After 911, John broke his silence with the publication of his international best seller that has just been fully revised and published as “The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, to explain that rather than a corrupt specialized activity among select consulting and international construction firms in the past, the system of economic hit men has rather become more sophisticated, more devious, and more widespread, even through the halls of government, and is now intentionally bankrupting the US as it has done in the past with developing nations. His website is where people can receive his newsletter.

March 3, 2016  

Gary gives you the latest in Health and Nutrition. Gary then discusses the latest news going on in the world and plays two great video clips as well.

Here are the 2 clips:





TITLE: Our Trade Policies Have Been a Disaster for American Workers

DESCRIPTION: When it mattered most, Bernie stood up against trade policies that hurt American workers. He's helped lead the fight against the TPP. Bernie's always understood that these disastrous trade deals would pave the way for more lost jobs and more lost factories.

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