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December 15, 2016  


How America has abandoned its democracy

Lewis Lapham is an American legend as an historian, essayist and writer. He is the editor emeritus for Harpers Magazine and founder of Lapham’s Quarterly, a quarterly publication about history and literature. He was the host and author of the PBS series America’s Century, hosts the World in Time radio program on Bloomberg radio and wrote the script Thomas Paine Journalism Award. He has been compared to other great American essayists such as Mark Twain, IF Stone, Mencken, Gore Vidal and others. He has published many books, his  latest being “Age of Folly: America Abandons Its Democracy.”  Lewis’ website is

December 14, 2016  

Today on The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up with the latest in health and healing giving you information that you have never heard of. In the second half of the program Gary goes into the audio vault to play some clips on the Russian hackers and a special by Abby Martin. 

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December 13, 2016  

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary Null opens up with the latest in health and healing covering the important topics of Parkinsons, how fasting can help kill cancer cells and so much more. In the second half of the program Gary talks about the enviorment and plays to audio clips about the CIA and if youre getting the "REAL NEWS". To wrap up the program Gary goes into a commentary by Henry Giroux on the "president elect" Donald Trump. 

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December 12, 2016  

What is behind the CIA hacking story being promulgated by Democrats and mainstream media

Robert David Steele is a former spy who has actually executed a false flag operation, and currently the chief office of Earth Intelligence Network, a non profit organization that teaches holistic analytics. He is among the very few individuals who were actually interviewed by the 9/11 Commission, which accepted one of his recommendations on the need for an Open Source Agency. Robert is the most published critic of US secret intelligence, with eight books to his credit, two of them with Forewords by US Senators and former Chairmen of the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence. His mots recent is “Donald Trump, the Accidental President: A Soft Coup Rages within a Closed Rigged System.” Robert has lived all over the world as a Marine Corps infantry officer, as a spy, and as the CEO of a company teaching over 7,500 mid-career intelligence officers from over 66 countries, how to do Open Source Intelligence -- a faster, better, cheaper alternative to spies and secrecy. He is also Amazon’s top reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories with hundreds of reviews of books focused on assassination, the deep state, and false flag operations. Robert’s websites that include his publications and articles can be found at and

December 9, 2016  

The Post-Obama America – a look at the future of protest and solutions, police surveillance and bringing power back to the states

John Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights fo the the persecuted and oppressed. In 1982 he founded The Rutherford Institute, a non-profit civil liberties and human rights organization headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Institute provides legal services to defend civil liberties and programs to educate the public on issues affecting their Constitutional freedoms. John gained international renown for his role as co-counsel in Paula Jones' sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton. He has filed numerous amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court and has been co-counsel in several landmark Supreme Court cases as well.  John has been the subject of many newspaper, magazine and television profiles, ranging from Gentleman's Quarterly to CBS' 60 Minutes.  His most recent book is “Battlefield America: The War on the American People”.  And his website is


December 8, 2016  

Today On The Gary Null Show! Gary gets into the rhytm of breathing and how it can effect your memory, Gary goes into a very important commentary on the mainstream media and with the weather getting colder its good to know your vaccine safety. In the second half of the show after a musical break Gary goes into some audio clips investigated network coverage of Jill Stein. They found that ABC, NBC, and CBS only gave Stein 36 seconds of coverage, combined, during her entire presidential bid, while they gave her 7 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage in just 4 days after the election, when she made it apparent that she was championing a recount to contest the election. The Resident breaks it down. all this and so much more!

December 7, 2016  

Today on The Gary Null Show, Gary gives the listeners advice/different ways to stay calm and how it benefits you, the topic of probiotics for multiple sclerosis and chemotherapy. In the second half of the program Gary plays a very important clip about the BBC explaing how they got caught staging fake news.  After that extended clip Gary opens up the phone lines so the audience can give their thoughts.

December 6, 2016  

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary opens up the show with some of the latest news in health and healing. In the second half of the program Gary does a speical opening of the vault on some never before heard audio clips.

December 5, 2016  

Today On The Gary Null Show, Gary starts the program off with a long and insightful segment on health and healing. Gary Null tells you the benefits of nuts, how overeating can be cancled by execerise. A look at the population and how alcohol effects the prostate. In the second half of the program Gary Null goes into a commentary from Chris Hedges and then pitches a health getaway from WBAI.

December 2, 2016  

Trump’s Cabinet – the wealthiest in US history – and Mnuchin in the Treasury 

Sarah Anderson is the director of the Global Economy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC – a progressive, visionary think tank dedicated to building a more equitable, ecologically sustainable and peaceful society.  Her research covers domestic and international economic issues including finance, trade, inequality and budgetary policies. Sarah serves on the Investment Subcommittee of the US State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy.  In 2000 she served on the Meltzer Commission charged by Congress to evaluate the World Bank and IMF. She has published two books on the global economy and globalization. Sarah holds an MA in International Affairs from American University and a BA in journalism from Northwestern. The Institute’s website is

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