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June 16, 2017  

Today is June 16th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. In this episode Gary sets aside time to answer some of your questions from his Facebook Live feed, while giving you commentaries from the worlds smartest minds. 

June 15, 2017  

A look at an ice-free planet and the failure of governments and institutions to meet the challenges of climate change

Prof. Peter Wadham is a professor of ocean physics and head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University. He is also the former director of the Scott Polar Reseach Institute  He is a recognized and renowned scientist in the field of Arctic region, the impacts of climate change and the rapid loss of polar ice. Prof Wadham has participated in 50 polar expedictions  His recent book, published in the UK and due for American release at the end of the summer is “A Farewell to Ice,” which is a frontline report from a world leader and outlines his dire warnings about an ice free world in the event humanity fails to meet the challenges.

June 14, 2017  

An insider account about the politicalization of the CIA and a culture of corruption

Prof. Melvin Goodman is a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy in Washington DC and an adjunct professor in international relations at Johns Hopkins University.  For 24 years—through the administrations of Johnson to Bush Sr—he had served in the CIA and the Department of State as a Soviet analyst. He resigned after observing the how corrupt the agency was at the highest levels. In 1991, he blew the whistle on top CIA officials and He was also a professor of international relations at the National War College for 18 years.  Prof Goodman writes frequently for Counterpunch and has written for the NY Times, Harpers, Foreign Policy, Washington Post and other publications.  His seven books have dealt with Soviet studies, Star Wars, the Neoconservative agenda and the CIA.  His last book is “Whistleblower at the CIA: An Insider’s Account of the Politics of Intelligence” which presents the culture of misinformation, vice and intimidation that has led to America’s recent foreign policy debacles.  Mel’s website is

June 13, 2017  

A look at the FBI under Robert Mueller and James Comey – its failures and illegal activities   

Coleen Rowley is a retired FBI special agent who was with the agency for 24 years and a former Minneapolis Division Legal Counsel who testified in 2002 to the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Department of Justice as a whistleblower  regarding some FBI pre-911 failures to read, share and act on intelligence to track Zacarias Moussoui, who has been identified as central to the 911 plot. She stepped down from her legal position with the Agency in 2004 after her unsuccessful issuance of warnings about the dangers of invading Iraq. In 2002, Coleen was selected by Time magazine as one of its 3 Persons of the Year award. She ran for Congress to represent Minnesota’s 2nd District in 2006 with the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party. Within the FBI she knew and worked with Robert Mueller and James Comey. Her writings appear on Consortium News, and  her website is

June 12, 2017  

Today is June 12th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment and all things political around the world. In this episode Gary sets aside time to play some of his documentary Poverty Inc. 

June 9, 2017  

A 50 year anniversary look at the Israel-Palestine conflict since the Six Day War

Gershon Shafir is Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego. He served as the Director of its Institute for International, Comparative and Area Studies, and is the founding Director of its Human Rights Program. Is  former aPresident of the Israel Studies Association. Prof Shafir received his B.A.s in Political Science, Economics, Sociology from Tel Aviv University in Israel and later an M.A. from UCLA, and his Ph. D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley. He is the author or editor of ten books, among them Being Israeli: The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship, which won the Middle Eastern Studies Association’s Albert Hourani Award in 2002. His most recent book just published is A Half Century of Occupation: Israel, Palestine, and the World’s Most Intractable Conflict - marks the 50th year anniversary since the Six Day War in 1967 that largely defined modern Israel today. 

June 8, 2017  

Today is June 8th and like always The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the enviorment and all things politcal around the world. 

June 7, 2017  

A look at the background behind the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the role of Washington, the IMF and NATO in the coup and subsequent civil war underway

Chris Kaspar de Ploeg is a Dutch political analyst and freelance journalist belong to the Authentic Journalism Platform in the Netherland, who has focused on the history and current events in the Ukraine before and after the 2014 coup and revolution.  His articles appear in several important Dutch political publications and in Follow the Money, Dissident Voice in the US, and De Wereld Morgen in Belgium.  He is author of the "Ukraine in the Crossfire", recently published in the US by Clarity Press.   

June 6, 2017  



Invaluable historical lessons about authoritarianism and tyranny in the age of Trump

Prof. Timothy Snyder is the Levin Professor of History at Yale University and a permanent fellow at the institute for Human Sciences in Vienna Austria.  Prof Snyder specializes Eastern European History, particularly the USSR and  He received degrees from Brown University and his doctorate from Oxford University in the UK, and has held fellowships in Paris, Vienna and Warsaw.  In addition to scholarly journals, his articles have appeared in the New York Review of Books, Foreign Affairs, the Nation, New York Times and other publications.  He is the author of 5 books, including the multi award wining Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, and Black Earth, about the history and warnings of the holocaust. His most recent book is "On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century" which is  a short but important primer on the fundamental lessons to identify tyranny, how  they are present in America's current political climate, and what individuals should think and do in order to retain their liberty and sense of individual self. 

June 5, 2017  

Today is June 5th 2017 and The Gary Null Show is here today to bring you the latest in health and healing along with new information from the environment and commentaries on the latest in the political world. 

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