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February 28, 2020  

Debunking Wikipedia’s Warrior Against Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Debunking Wikipedia’s Warrior Against Complementary and Alternative Medicine

 Richard Gale, Gary Null PhD, Victoria Theophanis

Progressive Radio Network, February 26, 2020


Rarely do we question the integrity, veracity and hidden motivations of an expert speaking or writing on any given topic.  Patients rarely question the diagnosis or prescribed treatment of their cardiologist, oncologist, urologist, etc. Nor do we question the accuracy and objectivity of mainstream medical journalists or news anchors reporting on health issues. It is presumed that the sacred trust we project upon the authority and veneration of so-called “experts” should cancel out honest scrutiny and critical thinking. 

The logic behind this is simple and should be self evident, not just in the medical profession but for any field or discipline. Those who have obtained a coveted position of authority are expected to be blindly deferred to with the presumption that the top of the food chain is equivalent to being knowledgeable, insightful and correct. Consequently, a school teacher  may defer to the authority of an adjunct, who defers to a professor, who defers to a department chair, and further up the ladder to the Dean. But in the real world, these hierarchical differences of power and authority are more mythology than reality.

One glaring example of a non-expert who has been uncritically praised and lifted as an authoritative voice for medical orthodoxy is former psychiatrist Stephen Barrett. Barrett has had a fifty-year career attacking every premise and scientific legitimacy of medical treatments that fall under Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). 


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February 27, 2020  

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. Antioxidant precursor NAC molecule could improve brain function in patients with MS. Intensive blood pressure control can extend life up to 3 years Philippines and Singapore Testing Coconut Oil as Possible Treatment for Coronavirus. Low fruit and vegetable intakes and higher body fat linked to anxiety disorders. Tart cherry supplements and juice can help lower heart disease and Type 2 diabetes risk, advise researchers. Supplementing with Vitamin D improves lifespan of cancer patients. Accupuncture can stop bone deterioration in osetoporosis. Resveratrol promotes new bone formation in mouse model of osteoporosis. Drinks with added sugars linked to lipid imbalance, which increases CVD risk. 

February 26, 2020  

Dear Dr. Gupta,

After watching you investigate health issues on CNN for the past 20+ years, I find it necessary to contact you about a situation related to CDC mandated vaccinations that has become very disturbing to me.  I am only hopeful that you might read this letter and become inspired to focus your investigative journalistic skills on this urgent matter. 

While I write this, I realize that the world is controlled by money and that there are things that you can investigate and those which are taboo.  Regardless of whether you can or cannot publicly comment on this matter, I would ask that you at least review my concerns and determine if the case against the CDC is legitimate.  Then I could come away believing that I did what I could to speak truth to power.

I would like to focus your attention on a film that was released last year called, “Deadly Deception”.  I have enclosed a copy and hope you would take the time to review it.  This film brings many facts to light concerning the dangers posed by vaccinations that have never been widely available to public ears.  It also discloses corruption at the CDC and the infestation of pharmaceutical corporate interests upon that institution.  This entire film can also be seen at this link for free >

The film is almost entirely composed of research and testimony from doctors who have had experience with illnesses related to vaccinations.  Accessing these people would make it very easy for you to investigate the claims they make.

To possibly stoke your interest, I have summarized a lot of facts that were brought out in the first half of the film:


Deadly Deception, a documentary film by Gary Null 2019.

  • The CDC now requires that infants receive 49 doses of 16 vaccinations before the age of 6. 
  • Mercury has been proven to be extremely toxic – so much so – that dentists are even replacing tooth fillings that contain it, yet, mercury is still used in the flu shot, and even in maternal flu vaccinations. 
  • Because of the bad press related to mercury, the pharmaceutical industry has developed a nano-particulate form of aluminum.  This substance is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier and to lodge itself into the brain tissue.  This has been linked to many forms of chronic illness.
  • Polysorbate 80 has never been tested as an human injectable, yet it is in vaccinations being injected into infants.
  • The CDC manages a “VAERS” database that is not open to public review.  They are the sole repository of all information related to people who have been hurt and/or killed by vaccines, and as a result, are being compensated. 
  • It is estimated that the VAERS database is underreported by anywhere from 50:1 – 100:1.  So you would need to multiply the statistics in the database by 50 – 100 in order to get a realistic understanding of the true extent of the damage caused by vaccines.  The FDA, the CDC and the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons say that 90 – 99% of “adverse events” due to immunization are not even reported.  On that basis alone, no one should be required to subject themselves to vaccination.
  • Because there is no requirement for the pharmaceutical industry or the CDC to publish the findings from the data in the VAERS database, doctors and pediatricians do not have access to information such as, symptoms, in order to quickly diagnose and treat illness due to a reaction to a vaccine.
  • In a decision, the Supreme Court stated 32 times that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”.
  • The studies that the FDA and the CDC require to verify the safety of new vaccines is totally inadequate by any normal medical standard.
  • In 1986, the pharmaceutical industry lobbied to get legislation passed (1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act) that makes any manufacturer of a vaccine immune from prosecution due to harm done by its vaccinations – no matter how reckless or negligent the company was.  This made vaccine research and production immensely profitable.
  • The law created the Federal Vaccine Compensation System, which created a schedule of known dangers related to each vaccine being strongly suggested to the population.  It set aside 75 cents on each vaccine dose dispensed to be put into a fund to compensate those who suffered injury or death from a reaction to a vaccine.   This is a federally funded program, which bars tracing liability back to the manufacturer.  This was supposed to be an alternative to a lawsuit – not instead of a lawsuit.  The pharmaceutical industry however argued that unbridled exposure to liability for damages would make research impossible so it was really a means of liquidated damages in the end.  Someone who loses a child, for example, is not entitled to sue the manufacturer, depose their professionals or conduct normal discovery to determine culpability.  It has become a “Kangaroo Court”.  The 1986 legislation has, essentially, turned the US Department of Justice into the lawyer for the vaccine industry.
  • In court cases before the 1997 legislation, it had been determined that vaccinations cause encephalopathy (swelling of the brain), which lead to autism.  One cannot however bring a case for autism because the word autism is not included in the list of recognized billable diseases in the US healthcare system.  The healthcare system considers autism a disorder – not a disease.  This is how the pharmaceutical industry can say that there is no link between vaccination and autism.  It is a fraud and a dirty trick played by the US government in favor of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • There is a victim compensation program that has paid out over $3 Billion during 27 years.  Just in 2016, it paid out over $251 million to people who are either killed or injured by vaccines.
  • Many vaccines are only tested in animals.  They are prescribed to humans without any testing in many cases.
  • The FDA and the CDC are not required to prove that a vaccine is effective in treating a disease.  They only have to show that the vaccine produces an antigen that is believed to be effective in combating a given disease.  Antibody production only relates to exposure, but not necessarily to immunity.  Many people, such as the disease-effected or elderly people won’t even generate the desired antibody.
  • Many vaccines only produce temporary immunity, not a life-long immunity that would be a result of a normal function of the human immune system.  This is why so many vaccines require “booster shots”.
  • CNN has reported that the US government secretly spread STD’s in South America between 1946-1948 to determine if injections of penicillin would reduce the likelihood of infection from sexually transmitted disease.
  • The Nuremberg Code specifies that it is unlawful to force or coerce someone into taking medicine, receiving a vaccine or a medical procedure that he/she does not want.  State governments in the US however will require a prospective student to be fully vaccinated before that child will be permitted to attend school.  That is a direct example of coercion – which is a violation of the Nuremberg Code and the UNESCO Convention.
  • Vaccines are now required for immigrants, for military troops, for military workers and government subcontractors.   They are also required for daycare facilities and for university enrollment.  State governments are “partnering” with corporations to mandate that their employees be vaccinated.
  • Doctors and Hospitals have become enforcers of government policy where their medical licenses are subject to adherence to prescribed protocols for vaccinations to infants.  This violates the patient/doctor relationship.
  • The vaccine market will be worth 100 Billion US by 2025 thanks to government enforcement of its vaccination protocols.
  • There is a concept of “Hurd Immunity” that says that if you vaccinate 95% of a population, you have created a barrier to the spread of a disease.  However, in 1997 there was an outbreak of measles in Corpus Christi, Texas in a community that had more than a 95% vaccination rate.  The children that got measles had their blood sampled to verify antibody levels.  93% of them had sufficient antibody levels to theoretically prevent infection – yet they got infected anyway.  Hurd Immunity is therefore a belief system that is used to promote the mandating of vaccination and not a proven scientific theory.
  • Some studies have been done that even indicate that people vaccinated with the measles vaccine are MORE likely to come down with the infection.  In this study, the few who were not vaccinated did NOT contract measles.  In fact, a vaccinated kid could still be carrying the germ.
  • The rise of autism and other related disorders has caused an epidemic of special education burden on the US education system.  The US taxpayer will be forced to pay for these services.  This is tantamount to a huge transfer of wealth from the public sector to the pharmaceutical industry.  It is profiting from the immunization program, while at the same time, producing a large population of people who will never be able to contribute to the economy.
  • The US government subsidizes research & development for vaccines and then puts pressure on state governments to require its use.  A speaker in the film says, “this has got to be one of the biggest rackets on the planet.”
  • There have been four separate studies by the United States Government including a three year study by Congress, a one year study by the Senate, a study conducted by HHS of itself in 2008 and a study in 2018 by the Office of Research Integrity – all of which describe the vaccine division at CDC as a “cesspool of corruption” because of financial conflicts of interest between individuals that work in the vaccine division and those who work in the vaccine industry.
  • The Gardasil vaccine – the National Institute of Health buys the patent from MERC, which is recommended by the Center of Disease Control, which is approved by the FDA and the court that will decide if that vaccine has hurt your child is the Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  All four of those sister agencies are part of Health and Human Services Department.  The intrinsic conflict of interest in this process is not made known to the public.  The CDC has therefore become the promoter of vaccines on behalf of MERC, a privately-owned pharmaceutical industry player.  This is not the role of government.
  • The CDC will allow “wash out periods” during trials of new vaccines.  They have also been known to have disregarded data that did not deliver the results that they are seeking and have fabricated studies.  They have hired criminals to misrepresent data and to create false stories that are fed to the media.  The experts that the CDC has used to defend their practices were those who were used to disprove the effects of Agent Orange back in the 1980’s shielding the US Government and the chemical manufacturer from liability to the US veterans and the Vietnamese who’s lives were altered or shortened by it.  Their value is knowing how to lie using data as a tool for deception. 
  • The CDC has little technical legitimacy, since they are immune from having to publicly prove anything, yet they have the ability to impose “medical martial law” on the population.
  • The documentary states that corporately owned media outlets are “not allowed” to report the fraud that is going on in the vaccine industry.  The presumption is that it would bankrupt the vaccine industry and have grave consequences for the US government. 
  • Whistle blowers have reported on a secret meeting at the CDC.  This is known as the “Simpsonwood Memo”.  In this meeting, CDC officials sorted through data to confirm that there is definitely a connection between the Thimerosal vaccine and Autism – as well as many other disorders such as speech delay, learning disabilities and ADD.  In this meeting, they discussed how to massage the data to remove the connection between the two.  The rest of the meeting was devoted to discussing how they would hide this from the press.  A CDC researcher had found that if a child were given a vaccination of Thimerosal within the first six months of birth, they were 7.6 times more likely to contract Autism than if not.
  • Recent studies found that the nations that required the most infant vaccines suffered the highest mortality and nations that required the least vaccines had the least infant mortality.
  • Last year the pharmaceutical industry gave over $60 million in political contributions.


After reading this list of highlights, it would seem inconceivable that you would not have professional interest in reviewing the film itself.  

Kindest regards,

John Schimenti

February 25, 2020  

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. Studies look into the benefits of blueberries for heart disease, diabetes prevention, Study links increased vitamin E levels and physical activity to better academic performance in teens, Supplementing with glucosamine linked with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, TMS shows promise in treating stroke, dementia and migraines, Erectile dysfunction? Take maca root and Chinese chives, says study, New study associates intake of dairy milk with greater risk of breast cancer, Your motivation could be influenced by chronic inflammation, study says, Western junk food diet negatively impacts sperm and testosterone, Commonly prescribed medications can increase dementia risk by nearly 50%, researchers warn. 

February 24, 2020  

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February 21, 2020  

A Marriage Made in Hell:  Militant Atheism, Scientism, Wikipedia and Eugenics


Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD

Progressive Radio Network, February 21, 2020



The many apparent discoveries and successes in science and medicine have awarded these advances with an authority that we far too often accept without question.  Skepticism is a necessary and healthy faculty. However, when skepticism itself becomes a doctrine unto itself, then a large body of scientific evidence that convincingly takes authority to task is simply denied or aggressively denounced.  Surrendering critical thinking and healthy skepticism to authority figures and institutions more often than not sidelines both the scientific and social need for an open and honest debate that can bring forth evidence that challenges the rule and control of a dominant authoritative view.  Of course, many of the most radical scientific voices in the past who challenged authoritative paradigms were marked heretics, such as Galileo and Newton. And inevitably with the passage of time, the mavericks were proven correct.   Today the pariahs of the dominant scientific order include Deepak Chopra, Rupert Sheldrake, Nobel Laureates Brian Josephson and Luc Montagnier, and numerous medical professionals who have had the courage to look outside the glass walls of the dominant medical paradigm.  But worse, when skepticism surrenders its own reasoning in order to proselytize an ideology or dogma then it risks being a very real danger to society. In effect, it becomes a fundamentalist cult.


Modern Skepticism, as a movement within the sciences, has become a pseudo-science better known as Scientism.  The extreme radicalized New Atheism, represented by Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Jerry Coyne, Steven Novella, etc is a natural outcome of Scientism's false certainty in its own absolute and rigid beliefs that have been transformed into rational objectivity. 


February 20, 2020  

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February 19, 2020  

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February 18, 2020  

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February 17, 2020  

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment.


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