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November 24, 2010  

Health Updates: antioxidants, children’s health; healthy school food; lycopene vs osteoporosis; a new drug- to erase memory?; EVOO; anitioxidants vs diabetics. Environment Issues: Shell Oil ad campaign to drill Buford Sea, Arctic Alaska; coal fields in NW Alaska; Alberta, Ca shale oil tar sands; the Appalachin basin. Dr Ronald Riker is a psychiatrist specializing in depression, anxiety, ADHD & psychopharmacology. He is the founding director of the Linden Center in Los Angeles, a treatment center for emotionally, behaviorally & educationally disturbed children & adolescents; he has been a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health for the Study of Drug Addiction. He writes on the over-drugging of children with psychotropic drugs, the sedation of American culture, and the failures of our psychiatric and federal health agencies & organizations. The Psychiatric Drugging of our children and the DSM4

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