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The Gary Null Show – 03.30.17

March 30, 2017

Why are some politicians more dangerous than others – our shame culture, inequality, unemployment and is association with violence

Dr. James Gilligan is a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York University’s Medical School and an Adjunct professor at NYU’s law school. For three decades, he has researched and investigated violent behavior. His expertise on violence has been called upon by the Clinton and Blair administrations, the World Court, Kofi Annan’s UN project to tackle violence against children, and many other institutions. In the past, Dr Gilligan was on the faculty of Harvard’s medical school, the director of the Bridgewater State Hospital for the criminally insane, and the director of medical health for Massachusetts prison system. During his time working with the prison system, prison suicide and homicide rates declined to near zero. Prof. Gilligan has held many prestigious posts, including being the past president for the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy. He holds degrees from Harvard and did his psychiatric training at Case Western Reserve University, the University of Chicago and Harvard. His series of books on violence are widely recognized as authoritative texts. James most recent book, named by the Times Literary Supplment as a Book of the Year, is “Why Some Politicians are More Dangerous Than Others.”

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