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The Gary Null Show – 05.30.17

May 30, 2017


Rules for Impeachment and the case against Donald Trump

Prof. Allan Lichtman is the Distinguished Professor of History, a political historian at American University in Washington DC. He has become widely known for having successfully predicted every presidential winner since 1984, including the recent election of Donald Trump, using seismological statistical modeling created by the Russian scientist Vladimir Kellis Borok.  In 2006, he unsuccessfully ran for the Senate in Maryland as a progressive. He has testified on civil and racial rights issues in over 70 cases before the Department of Justice.  Allan has written numerous books and articles, his most recent book being  "The Case for Impeachment" which reviews both Trump's business and political background and dealings, Congressional abuse of power, and why his habitual misconduct violating the public trust bears forth a case for his removal from office.  Allan holds degrees from Brandeis and his doctorate from Harvard University.   

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