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September 24, 2015  

[Ann – name she can go by] requested anonymity because she lives in KY and can be the victim of the system’s revenge and repercussions since it is so bad there. But she is Health Impact News main investigator on the ground in KY doing these investigations on child kidnappings through KY’s child services and the FBI investigations.

She's the leading investigative reporter for Health Impact News and in Texas who has been researching  Kentucky’s legalized child kidnapping and trafficking through its Child Protection Services and the profiteering behind this racket.  The FBI is now conducting an investigation and has labeled Kentucky as “the most corrupt state in the country.”  MedicalKidnap is the sole source for information on the growing number of incidences of medical and civil authorities kidnapping children through child protection services for misinformed medical reasons and profit.  The websites are and

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