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January 31, 2012  
Guest: Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank is an award winning historian, author, and columnist for Harper’s Magazine who is considered the great chronicler of American paradox.  He is the founder of the journal The Baffler and is well known for his analysis and insights into America’s cultural wars, electoral politics and pop culture, entertainment and advertizing.  Tom has a doctorate in history from the University of Chicago and he was featured in the BBC documentary “The Trap” and in the 2009 film “What’s the Matter with Kansas” which was based on his book by the same title.
His most recent book receiving wide attention in progressive circles is “Pity the Billionaire: The Hard Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right”  that takes a hard look at how it is that after the debacles of Republican politics, we can still find popular support for their regressive policies and corporate ideologies.
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