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The Gary Null Show - 01.08.21

January 8, 2021

The case against the FCC health guidelines for 5G and wireless technology

Dafna Tachover is an attorney and the Director of the 5G Wireless Harms project at Robert Kennedy's Children's Health Defense. She is the founder of the advocacy organization We Are The Evidence which is dedicated to protecting the rights of children and adults who have been injured by wireless electromagnetic radiation. Earlier Dafna served as a telecommunications and computers officer in the Israeli Defense Forces where she was the commander of the computer center of its military headquarters and operation center. In 2012 she led a Supreme Court case in Israel to replace the use of Wi-fi in schools with wired networks, the first successful effort to limit wi-fi use in schools worldwide.  Currently she is spearheading the Children's Health Defense's landmark case against the FCC's health guidelines on wireless radiation. The Children's Health Defense website is, where you can find a section of important articles and information about 5G and the health risks of wireless technology. 

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