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The Gary Null Show - 01.27.21

January 27, 2021

The loss of the individual and diversity in the wake of increasing cultural uniformity

Prof. Russell Jacoby is a professor of History at the University of California at Los Angeles and the holder of the Moishe Gonzales Chair of Critical Thinking at the University of California at Los Angeles where he teaches twentieth century European and American intellectual history.  He was featured in the documentary "Velvet Prisons: Russell Jacoby on American Academia"   He has published about ten books addressing the culture wars in education, multiculturalism, the politics of apathy, the history of violence, the decline of the intellectual class, and utopian idealism. His most recent book is "On Diversity: The Eclipse of the Individual in a Global Era" (Seven Stories Press), which warns us about the soulless uniformity that is being framed beneath the banner of diversity. Russell's work has earned him many notable fans including Howard Zinn and Gore Vidal. He holds degrees from the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin and earned his doctorate from the University of Rochester. 


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