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The Gary Null Show - 01/29/14

January 29, 2014

The Wall Street conspiracy to cripple the global economy

Larry Doyle is a true Wall Street insider. He is a former mortgage backed securities trader who has worked with First Boston, Bear Strearns the Union Bank of Switzerland where he was head of mortgage trading, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase as its National Sales Manager for Securitized Products. He has also served as the Chair of the Mortgage Trading Committee of the Public Securities Association. He currently operates the website, voted as best financial blog in 2012, which provides analysis and investor education to beter understand the economy, markets and to better navigate the landscape of global finance. He is the co-founder of DM Income Advisors focusing on aiding investors in tax-exempt investments.

Larry is the author of “In Bed with Wall Street: The Conspiracy Crippling our Global Economy” which has been reviewed as essential reading for understanding the shadow operations behind the Great Depression and how Wall Street and its revolving door with government continues to contribute to our on-going economic crisis. He has appeared on most major television networks and is a contributing author for financial publications including Businessweek, Financial Times and Seek Alpha.

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