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The Gary Null Show - 02.10.21

February 10, 2021

Duty to Warn


A Plea from a World Expert on Electromagnetic Radiation About the Serious Dangers of 5G


By Dr Olle Johansson (Introduction by Gary G. Kohls, MD) – February 10, 2021 (2613 words)


The following article was written by a scientist friend of mine from Sweden, Dr Olle Johansson. The article represents an urgent call for people to both start understanding 5G and also begin resisting – before it’s too late – the unethical roll-out of 5G installations that is currently going on without our consent. For me as a physician, the most meaningful part of Olle’s article is the revelation that 5G’s Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is known to increase the risk of 5G-exposed people and other living things – including animals, birds and insects - to become sickened with neurological, neuropsychiatric, neurodegenerative, infectious, cardiovascular, immunotoxic, DNA-damaging and carcinogenic disorders.


This impending – but totally preventable - health crisis is happening right under our noses thanks to 5G corporations like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and their billionaire investors, many of whom are also involved in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “4th Industrial Revolution/New World Order/Great Reset” agenda. The WEF’s nefarious plan requires the widespread implementation of 5G and the technocratic “Internet of Things” that will result in realities like slightly faster cellphone connectivity, slightly faster downloads of computer games and the robotization of everything, including driverless cars, driverless trucks and massive unemployment.

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