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February 19, 2015  
Health risks and electropollution of the new smart meters – and NYC’s plan to roll out ConEd’s smart meters through the city, with Deborah Kopald. 
Deborah Kopald is an environmental health and public policy consultant, an expert in non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and a review editor for the radiation and health section of Frontiers in Public Health.   She has developed and overseen the passage of initiatives to protect the public interests including local laws on cell towers in the metro New York City area and the defeat of a NY State Senate bill sponsored by private industry to strip away community decisions on wireless siting locations. She moderated the conference on corporate interference with science and health held in New York City of which the proceedings were published in the journal Reviews on Environmental Health. Deborah has degrees from Harvard in economic politics and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  Her websites are and 

The latest in health and healing including sleep quality improved with mindfulness meditation, hot flashes and night sweats may last seven years in menopause, but we have a way to improve it. Iron may be a factor in dementia - what to do to prevent that. And sex makes humans less prone to disease over time. 

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