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The Gary Null Show - 02.27.18

February 27, 2018
The US State Department, its changing role and mission, and the loss of America's influence in the world

Colonel Lawrence (Larry) Wilkerson is a retired US Army Colonel and the former chief of staff to General Colin Powell while he was Secretary of State.  He is currently a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of  Government and Public Policy at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Col. Wilkerson started as an assistant to Gen. Powell an 1989, and remained with him through his term in the Bush administration.  He has been an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, the Bush and Cheney White House, including his own preparation of what became Powell’s infamous 2003 presentation regarding Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction to the UN.  He has had a very distinguished career having been trained in the Army, Marines and Navy.  Col. Wilkerson is a frequent commentator on radio television programs including The Ed Show on MSNBC, the Real News Network, PBS, Democracy Now and others. He has also been featured in several important documentaries, including “Why We Fight”, “The Israel Lobby”, and “No End in Sight.”  In 2009 he received the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence.

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