The Gary Null Show

The Gary Null Show - 03.09.20

March 9, 2020

Digital Recording of LIVE Webinar with Dr. Gary Null: Tips To Help Minimize Exposure to the Coronavirus

As the number of Coronavirus cases (COVID-19) continues to climb across America.  More and more questions start to plague our minds.

Do face mask work?

Should I stay at home?

Am I safe?

Dr. Gary Null answers all of these questions and more. In this power-packed 3-hour webinar that goes in-depth about common sense tips to minimize your risk of the Coronavirus! 

  • Find out first hand the foods you should be eating. How exactly to sanitize your home and surroundings in the most effective ways possible!
  • If you want actionable steps that you can take ASAP... You need to take is in this webinar. 
  • A clear plan to protecting your health is now just a click away.

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