Thursday Mar 09, 2023

The Gary Null Show - 03.09.23


5 short youtube clips (4:34)

The Ingraham Angle - Breakdown Of Covid Scandal (start @ 0:38 - 9:00)

Ex-CDC director speaks out on COVID lab leak theory (4:39)

Dr Fauci engaged in ‘elaborate coverup’ of COVID-19 origins (THE EXCLUSIVE) (4:20)

Matt Gaetz Completely DEMOLISHED General Milley and Sec. Austin For Incompetence (start @ 0:03 - 5:58 )
Don't Envy People | JORDAN PETERSON Advice (1:00)


·         Chickpea extract a potential prebiotic: China study shows microflora and short-chain fatty acid benefits

·         Black Seed Oil Puts Deadly Asthma Meds To Shame

·         Reducing social media use by just 15 minutes a day can improve your health, says study

·         Study associates long COVID with physical inactivity

·         Exposure to green space linked to reduced risk of postpartum depression

·         Long-term exposure to nitrates in drinking water may be a risk factor for prostate cancer

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