Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

The Gary Null Show - 03.14.23


1.'Do You Think Dr. Fauci Intentionally Lied Under Oath?': Ex-CDC Director Gives Bombshell Testimony
2.Kat Cammack Calls Out 'Blacklists' Of People Who Disagreed With Fauci On COVID-19 (6:23)

3.Clayton Morris: They want to watch the banks burn on purpose (START @ 5:01)
4.Neil Oliver '...they lied to & manipulated us, and it's still happening!' (13:40)
5.Tulsi Gabbard: Nancy Pelosi is getting away with this (1:00)

·         Meta-analysis adds evidence to comfort-supportive property of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

·         Compound in wakame seaweed found to have anticancer properties

·         Mediterranean diet associated with decreased risk of dementia

·         Meditation and music improve quality of life for older people with cognitive decline

·         New study aims to break the taboo surrounding spirituality

·         Red meat compound linked to worse outcomes in heart failure patients

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