The Gary Null Show

The Gary Null Show - 03/19/13

March 19, 2013

How and why US presidential administrations have intentionally undermined and deceived Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations they were supposed to broker

Professor Rashid Khalidi is the Edward Said of Modern Arab Studies and director of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. In the past he taught at the Universities of Chicago and Georgetown and is highly regarded as one of today’s leading voices in middle east issues and is on the National Advisory Committee of the US Interreligious Committee for Peace in the Middle East. He was an advisor to the Palestinian delegation at the Madrid Peace Confrerence that led up to the Oslo Accords in 1993.

Professor Khalidi has authored several highly acclaimed books and studies on the Palestinian question. His latest is “Brokers of Deceit: How the US Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East.” – which explains in detail how the US has been one-sided since Truman in aligning with Israel in its conflict with Palestine.

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