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March 21, 2012  

Health Updates: HRT, cancer; diets; cadmium from fertilizers found in potatoes, other foods;  blueberries, apples lower diabetes risk; beet juice.

Commentary: “Why Wall Street Must Crash, Must Hit Bottom” [Richard Clark 18Mar12]

In the News: the Shut Down Monsanto Protest at Gates Foundation;

“Obama Set to Speed Up Approval of Tar Sands Pipeline” [Common Dreams  21Mar12]

“World Water Forum Paves the Way to Privatize Nature, Undermine Human Right to Water in RIO+20” [Maude Barlow, Wenonah Hauter 17Mar12]

“Sorry Gates: GMO Crops Proven to be Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger” [Anthony Gucciardi  2Mar12]

Ken Delvecchio is a former Judge and criminal attorney from NJ, running for US Senate on a platform to protect and uphold constitutional rights,  protect personal liberties, audit the FED & eliminate the IRS, repeal the National Defense Authorization Act.

Calls: GM corn; Bill Gates, eugenics; drones spy on us.

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