Friday Mar 31, 2023

The Gary Null Show - 03.30.23


1. 'We need peace and we need it NOW!' - MEP Clare Daly- speech from 29 Mar 2023 (1:27)


2. Jimmy Dore goes WILD (0:58)


3. 'FBI SPY ON TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN' Wray HIDES LIKE RAT After Rand Paul NAILS Him For 'Invading Privacy' (8:24)


4. People Are Waking Up to How Depraved Those in Power Really Are (3:35)


5. This Evil Company Owns ALL The Food In Your House | The Class Room ft. Second Thought (10:09)


·         Blueberries may help burn fat

·         Vegan protein supports muscle building as effectively as animal protein, according to study

·         Study links stress to chromosomal damage

·         Cranberries improve oral health, study concludes

·         Study: Mediterranean and low fat diet programs lower risk of death and heart attack in patients at risk

·         Red meat consumption linked to earlier onset of girls' menstrual cycles 

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