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April 2, 2015  

Epigenetics, Energy Medicine and women’s health with Dr. Dawson Church

Dr. Dawson Church is the founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare in California and a seminal thinker and researcher into the science of epigenetics, neuropsychology, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.  He has degrees from Baylor University and Holos University under the mentorship of Dr. Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association. Dr. Church created the Emotional Freedom Technique, a powerful mind-body exercise to treat illnesses, and has edited or authored over 200 books on health, psychology and spirituality. His work focuses on the effects of consciousness on DNA expression, and how cit is gradually being on the front line of medicine and health.    Dawson has written many books and perhaps his most revolutionary one is “The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intervention.” It is among the most concise introductory compendiums of energy medical research (300 studies mentioned) and commentary on what might emerge to be the holistic medical model for the future.  His websites are  and

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