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April 6, 2020  

The Gary Null Show is here to inform you on the best news in health, healing, the environment. Today's health topics: Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk, Soy-based foods may promote heart health, Effect of standardized curcuminoids mixture against epithelial ovarian cancer cells, Study suggests curcumin could reverse effects of diabetic osteoporosis, A new type of magnetic stimulation helps reverse concussion symptoms, study finds, Examining the healing effects of sorghum on atherosclerosis, Association between decreased serum vitamin D and greater risk of dry eye disease, Gut communicates with the entire brain through cross-talking neurons, Scientists find link between autism and processed foods: Preservative found to increase pro-inflammatory neurons, Hair analysis suggests children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder suffer from calcium deficiency and toxic metal overload. On today's program Gary plays an audio clip: Dr. Paul Marik: "Vitamin C" Cocktail for Sepsis -- ICU Physician: NOTHING to lose (VICTAS TRIAL)

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