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April 12, 2019  
The arrest of Assange as a threat to freedom of the press

Joe Lauria is an independent journalist covering international affairs and the editor in chief of Consortium News, -- a very important progressive news site covering domestic and foreign affairs, and started by the late journalist Robert Parry. For 25 years he was a United Nations correspondent covering major world crises including the First Gulf War, the break up of Yugoslavia and the US invasion of Iraq. Seven of those years were with the Wall Street Journal. Earlier he was an investigative reporter for the Boston Globe, Sunday Times of London, Montreal Gazette, German Press Agency and other publications. While at Bloomberg News his investigation led the resignation of an Argentinian provincial governor. He has co-written a book with former US Senator Mike Gravel on the history of the US defense industry, and his last book was "How I Lost and Goldman Sachs Won by Hillary Clinton" with a forward by Julian Assange. You can find his articles on Consortium News at

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